Thursday, January 13, 2005

In fact, from now on Thursday is Produce Day

It occurs to me that one of the things that really makes ME say, "How Bourgeois" is the preoccupation of America's well-off with natural food. Truly good food (that is, it tastes good AND it is good for you) seems to be out of reach of large segments of the population. Try to find a decent avocado or tomato in Detroit, say, this month and you know what I am talking about. Hell, try finding nice green leaf lettuce. At Farmer Jack today in Clawson they wanted $2.99/lb for it, and I was buying it for the guinea pig! He is extremely discerning.

But I digress. In San Francisco on weekend mornings I would sometimes go down to the Ferry Plaza farmers market for fruits and vegetables (and once for Lauren's birthday cake - The reality was though that I needn't have left my neighborhood (Sunset, 25th/Judah), because withing easy walking distance of my house there were multiple produce markets with wonderful food that changed often depending on what was fresh. And it was cheap! The pig never ate so well, and Lauren and I had plenty of healthy, interesting food for not much money.

The ready availability of wonderful and frequently affordable food is one of the things I miss the most about California. I know that we could scamper down to Eastern Market, but frankly we are more than busy right now feeding and burping Noah. Maybe they should consider delivery. In any case, I am now going to do my part for the cause of expanding knowledge about produce with How Bourgeois' Produce Thursdays, where each week we shall explore a different fruit or vegetable.

Did you know that the University of Hawaii at Manoa has a College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources? Their web site is where I learned about the pineapple working group. Hopefully I can attend the Fifth International Pineapple Symposium, but I am not sure if my travels have me near South Africa in April. In any case, follow the link to learn how to grow a pineapple in your home, and if you are in California please send avocados. Everything in Detroit right now is from Chile and kind of watery, aven the ones at TJs.

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