Saturday, July 15, 2023

We're Back with Some BIG NEWS!!!

Heya friends! I know that it’s been a while. Here’s what’s been going on: 

Quite a few years ago, when we started our hair care company, I received a comment from a How Bourgeois reader. She seemed upset and said: “You recommended products on your blog for those of us going gray. I bought them and now you are making and recommending your own line?!” To say I felt badly was an understatement, but then I took a deep breath and thought for a moment before I replied. Here’s the truth - 

The truth is, I loved and used and still stand by every single product that I have ever mentioned on this blog. They personally helped me in my gray hair transition and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them again! The thing is though, as a “Silver Sister” of 13 years, I’ve always been searching for a mythical hair care line that was more natural, more affordable and formulated for gray hair, and I never found it. I KNEW that we could do better given the opportunity.

For those of you who haven't been around for a while, I have to tell you that I’m not a gray hair influencer. I'm just an everyday silver sister like anyone else, searching for a way to make my hair as healthy and bright as it can be. Eventually, I made the decision to let the actual influencers take over in the social media space, and I moved my focus and effort from the blog to making great hair products! (I was more helpful over there).

I’m so thrilled that I can FINALLY share a bit of exciting news!!! Some of you might have noticed that The BTW Co. has been out of stock for a while - pandemic supply chain issues for both ingredients and packaging set us back a bit, and then the BTW Co. went through a big and fantastic change so we can always stay in-stock from now on.

Two great things have happened - 

First, we've heard you. Your input matters! Many of you have asked for smaller sizes of our shampoos and conditioners, especially when you’re using purple products for the first time. So with that, we’ve added 8-ounce bottles of our Purple Shampoo & Purple Conditioner to the line!

Additionally, many customers have found BTW because of sensitivities to certain ingredients and a desire to avoid harsh chemicals, fillers and synthetic fragrances. While we use scents derived from natural fragrance oils, and we have deliberately kept our scent profile low, some of our customers have asked if we could even create a fragrance-free option - so we did! You can now find 8-ounce bottles of fragrance-free Purple Shampoo & Purple Conditioner on our site.

We are also really excited to announce that we’ve updated our best selling Life-Changing Leave-In Conditioner and Silicone-Free Serum. These are amazing products for all hair types that may be used together or individually, to add moisture, control fly-aways and soften hair.

The second bit of news is that BTW has concluded a merger with a larger company that believes in our vision, allows us to keep complete control and is not changing any of the products and ingredients that you love. The new structure gives us more opportunities to share our line with our customers and never go out of stock again!

We're not lowering our standards or altering our formulas. We still hold a commitment to being as natural as possible, using the same production team and the best quality ingredients we can find. We continue to be cruelty-free with no animal testing, and no silicones, sulfates, phthalates, parabens or synthetic fillers!

We're excited to share our future plans as we go. In fact, 5-6 new products are in the pipeline for later this year/early 2024. Things like innovative styling products made just for long and short gray hair and gorgeously hydrating hair masks that you’ll love to pamper yourself with.

And that my friends is the scoop! This is where we’ve been, and we missed you. All of our products can be found at with free shipping when you spend $40 or more and (soon) on Amazon with Prime shipping. WE’RE BACK! 


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