Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Dreaming Of the Simple Life

THIS is the life I want to live. The quiet, simple, slow life that is clipping homegrown herbs and flowers and hanging them to dry. I feel like I don’t need shopping or fancy or anything fast paced. Just solitude, home and the warm earth. It’s funny because 8 years ago , when we moved here, we thought life in a busy downtown was what we would want. It was a great adventure and experiment! We were coming from a painfully quiet, suburban neighborhood after living in San Francisco before that, and craved more excitement. Now though, at 42 and knowing myself a little bit more, gosh all I want is a small plot of land and silence .


Perhaps part of this yearning has grown out of living across the street from the never ending construction nightmare. Two YEARS of constant banging with no end in sight yet. They tore most of the beautiful 1920’s church down and are now making it into an office building with a modern glass half, attached to the renovated church half. I guess we knew what we were getting into when we chanced living somewhere busy. 

At any rate, I have vowed to make use of what we have here and could not be more EXCITED to get started building a raised vegetable garden as soon as the weather cools a bit! I have planned and planned and planned some more, and finally know just what to do! The lowest brick patio at the bottom of our yard has never been used. It’s the perfect place for s garden though! Lots of sun and space, just waiting to be transformed . 

I’m trying to do it on a dime too, so stay tuned. If I can build it this fall, I’ll start plants from seed inside in the winter/spring and then plant for next year! If I can’t live the simple life out in the country, I’ll bring the country to me, or at least to a corner of my backyard . Lol.

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