Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Katie Goes Platinum -A Fellow Blogging Silver Sister to Inspire!

Hey How Bourgeois readers, friends, Silver Sisters and all-around wonderful people! I know that I haven't posted  here in a while, but we've been busy getting our hair care line up and running. 💃

I wanted to stop in though, and share the name of a fellow blogger and Silver Sister. Her kindness and  and encouragement as we've started  our company has been so appreciated. Beyond that though, Katie is inspiring women  (myself included!) who are taking the gray journey, through her wonderful blog content.

Please visit Katie Goes Platinum for lots and lots of uplifting stories of women transitioning, product reviews and insight into this whole gray hair adventure! Follow along on Instagram and Facebook too. I love watching Katie's grout progress and so will you.

Thank you Katie!

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Katie said...

Thank you, Lauren, for the shoutout! Love your blog and your products!