Thursday, September 06, 2018

\(^-^)/ WE'RE OPEN FOR BUSINESS !!! \(^-^)/

** This post contains links to our own brand and online store. I may be compensated if you purchase the products found at these links. For a full explanation, please see my complete disclosure HERE! Thank you!!!  **

Dear Silver Sisters: I am OVER-THE-MOON to announce that By The Way, Your Hair Looks Fabulous!™ shampoo, conditioner and styling products are now on sale at our new site! I would be really grateful if you would stop by and take a look. You have all been wonderfully supportive as Jon and I have worked to launch the company, and TODAY is the day that you can now help THE MOST by spreading the word about The BTW Co. across social media. Sharing our new site in your Gray Hair groups on Facebook would be especially helpful. Thank you!

Having the opportunity to share my story, learn about yours and be a part of our wonderful community of Silver Sisters has been one of the great joys of my life. I am deeply, deeply appreciative that you have been interested in what I have had to say, and that you have shared your journeys with me. 
I love you Silver Sisters! Welcome to a new adventure where we Shine OUR BEST!

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