Monday, September 05, 2016

On Your Mark, Get Set, September 1st. GO! \(^-^)/

It is no secret that I am crazy for fall. Crazy, crazy, crazy. In all honesty, I just tolerate the other three seasons and bide my time until autumn comes around again. I look forward to fall more passionately than I look forward to most things. While I do enjoy completely surrounding myself with "cinnamon pumpkin scent," oddly, I've only once partaken in the quintessential fall girl drink - the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. (It was good, just not my thing.)  Which is troubling to me.  Am I not the biggest autumnal fan that I can be!?

While I've been worried about not being in love with the Pumpkin Spice Latte like I'm supposed to, I did see that they just released a new fall drink. The Chile Mocha. I might need to try one of those. They sound like the Mexican Hot Chocolate that I used to drink in San Francisco, only the Chile Mocha also has coffee in it. Incidentally, while drinking Mexican Hot Chocolate at The Canvas in San Francisco, I learned that the film that forms on the top of fresh hot chocolate and other heated dairy products, it is called a "ploika" in yiddish.  The end.

Back on track.... Fall. Of course being the fall maniac that I am, you'd better believe that I had my house plastered both inside and out with autumn decorations on September 1st.  Psych! Just kidding, why would I wait so long? The 1st. was a Thursday and I knew that I'd be homeschooling that day, so I just went ahead and spent August 27th, which was a Sunday, putting up every last foam pumpkin and faux leaf that I owned. I also put up an apple wreath that I made for the front door, and apple pie window decorations that I crafted, and the plastic acorns and the scarecrows and black cat and the mini-apple stool with the wool felted gnome and the autumn dish towels and rugs and hand towels and the fall wax warmer with the cinnamon wax melts and the golden glitter pine cones...........and....and....and...and....... THIS YEAR....this year do you know what I did? I SCALED BACK ON THE DECORATIONS!

Here is some of what it looks like. Don't judge. (Not that you ever do.) I just couldn't help myself!!!

A tip that my Mother gave me: If you can't change out your rug at the moment, and it doesn't exactly go with the look that you're trying to create, just ignore it! Pretend the rug is a neutral and just do what you want! That is why I have orange fall cushions and a bright red rug. Just be like: "WHATEVER!"

Excuse me, your slipcover is showing!

Noah was not as enthusiastic as I was about fall decorating.

I fully realize that with the fall bathroom I kind of crossed a line. This room is a bit...out of control and corny. Ha! Pun intended. But I couldn't help myself and Noah loves it, so WHY NOT? 
Why the "H" not?

This is why not. Because you can end up doing this. On the back of your toilet...
Don't tell anyone.

 Did I make up for the bathroom with this "elegant vignette?"

 But LOOK how RESTRAINED I was in the family room. Nary a decoration in sight.

 Thank you Mom, for giving me your couch. And thank you couch for having a slipcover that is PERFECT for the fall and winter, that covers up your 1992 yellow floral chintz that is PERFECT for for spring and summer. Winning.

Jon is not fazed by the decorations. He is a real man.

One day I spent HOURS and HOURS making these paper and marker decorations for the windows.

And I made this faux apple wreath! I love it and had so much fun. I was inspired by The Wood Grain  Cottage.  All you need is a foam wreath frame, some burlap, a hot glue gun and a bunch of fake apples. Voila.

Happy fall y'all!!!!



Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren. so nice to see you enjoying your days in fall. I am fanatic about autumn too, since I was a child. Born in gray days of the end of November I guess I've got some genetic adaption to come along with fall. And so I'm really in love with the smell, the light, the leaves, pumpkin, apples, YEAH!, simply with all the fall moments like calm, rainy afternoons or foggy mornings or sitting with a blanket and a warm cocoa mug at the porch, hmmm..:)
Thank you for sharing your dreams and worries, daily challenges and lovely moments of little Happy life with us! I really like following your blog and I'm always sending you all my best wishes, good thoughts and prayers, for keeping you confident on your way, letting the love shine on every little thing in life, ( as seen in the armada of fall decorations above ;) Greetings from old Europe, where September days are always sunny and bright, perfect for filling up and preserve all that golden energy in eyes, heart and soul. Autumn rulez, yessss! :D Anita

Lauren said...

Dear Anita from old Europe, :)

WHAT A LOVELY COMMENT!!!! Thank you so much for all of your caring words of support and encouragement, and for painting such gorgeous pictures of fall. I can just imagine everything that you described, with a smile on my face of course!

I hope you are enjoying these sunny days and having lots of hot chocolate!

With lots of love an gratitude,
xoxoxoxoxooxoxo said...

Enjoyed your pictures. My daughter's cats won't let her put up ANY decorations and it breaks her heart! I like fall also. I think it falls into the category of 'my' colors. Margaret.

Lauren said...

Hi Margaret!!!! Oh my gosh, Hahahahaha. I was tickled by your comment about fall being "your colors." That is very clever, too cute! :)

As much as I am a cat person (and a dog person), I'm sorry that your daughter is not able to put up any decorations. That would be sad! Perhaps something outside or GLUED down!? LOl. I do hope she finds a way.

Thank you for your cheer, you always always make me smile.

Lauren <3

Valerie said...

Hi Lauren,
You are so talented! I love all of your decorations. Especially the apple wreath and the pretty paper window art. How gorgeous! Have missed reading your lovely blog. So nice to drop in for a visit. =) Hope your autumn season is fantastic! Blessings, Valerie

Lauren said...

Hi Valerie!

Thank you for your kind words. I think of you often and hope that you're doing well. You're in my thoughts.

Sending love and hope for a peaceful and nice autumn.'
<3 - Lauren

Unknown said...

Hi Lauren,

Your Fall decorations aren't overdone in the slightest. In fact, I find them tasteful, charming, festive and just the right blend of cozy to compliment your cozy home. Oh, what do the "boys" know? Hi, it's me Christine from Oakydoakyville and although we've had a summer of sweltering, relentless heat and humidity here in southern Ontario, I've totally appreciated it because I know how chilly it will get soon enough.

Like you and Anita from old Europe I too love the Fall. There might be something to Anita's genetic theory about having an affinity for your birth season. Mine is near the time of Canadian Thanksgiving which is only a month off on Monday, October 10th. With today's humidity the weather forecast says it feels like 39 degrees celsius outside right now. That's 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit and yet I've already got my Fall decorations all lined up in the dining room waiting for that defining moment when the first whiff of Fall hits and I read it as my signal go a little crazy in the front yard and everywhere inside the house.

And don't even get me started on Fall colours, forest trail walks through crunchy leaves, leaf raking parties, hay-rides, apple cider, preserves, the smell of a wood-burning fire, pumpkin pie and whipped cream. Well, I think you catch my drift about just some of the things there are to love about the Fall, right? Better to embrace it than resist it I say. And isn't that just what you say too?

Long distance hugs to you and your family Lauren.


Lauren said...

Thank you so much for your great comment Christine! I miss you and it is so good to read your comment. I'm sorry that I haven't been around as much online as of late. I do miss it and your comments too!

Oh rats, I am being called so must run. (I am helping Noah's tutor with a Facebook Live event right now! It's called "navigating Life and Laughter With Your Unique learner!" I just wanted you to know that I both agree with your comment and resonate with it greatly and appreciate it! More autumn goodness to come, I promise!!!!

Sending lots of love and hugs and cheer from Michigan to you my friend!!!!