Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Watch Jon Griddle Up Some Edible Love!

Ok, I know this title is silly, but I have to hurry! The puppy will be up any second!
I'm missing blogging so much friends. Little Josie has been taking up most of our time. If I'm not caring for Josie, I'm wearing my "Mom hat" or cooking or cleaning around the house. It'll get easier soon though, and I'll be back to blogging. In fact,  today Josie turns 12 weeks old! In the meantime, I'm enjoying this surprise ride.

I was saying on Instagram this morning that, not since Noah's babyhood, have I been on so many consecutive early morning walks. I'm kind of enjoying it! We even saw a deer in the park at the bottom of the hill. He was majestic! (Josie didn't notice him.)

Anyway, just a bit of something fun today, and something that I've never talked about on the blog.....

So Jon runs a small cookware company called "Little Griddle." See his ad and coupon on the side bar! I think he has a stressful but fun job. Lots of food and cooking involved! They make griddles that you can use on top of your grill, and the accessories that go with it. There are so many different things that you can cook for your family and friends. More than I can talk about here, but I have something that can explain......

Jon and his long-time friend and cinematographer, Scott, have teamed up in the past to make some Little Griddle cooking and promotional videos. You can find all of them on the Little Griddle YouTube page!  Here are just a couple, but there are about twelve now!

Tomorrow Scott arrives from Pittsburgh for our third filming session. It's always such a great time during the two or three days that he comes. First there is the world's largest food shopping trip, and then tons of prep work for the ingredients while Scott figures out the technical gear. The filming is fascinating to watch and our yard turns into a cool site with lighting and big cameras. I have a feeling I'll need to keep Josie very occupied with walks because it's "quiet on the set!" 

I just wanted to share this fun, little anecdote with you. I'll let you know what delicious foods Jon cooks up this time!

Lauren :)


Unknown said...

Watched the cooking videos and now I'm hungry at 11:08 pm. Yikes! Does the Little Griddle Company ship to Canada????

Ms. Feeling Peckish in Oakville

Lauren said...

Hiya Ms. Feeling Peckish in Oakville! ;)

As a matter of fact, Little Griddle does ship to Canada, but they are also on Amazon Canada as well! Thank you so so much for asking!

Oh! And I do apologize for making you hungry at 11:08pm. I can personally understand. :)

Hope you ended up with a nice, little late-night snack!