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7 Steps to Creating Your Cutest YOU - Gray Hair and All. How I Gave Myself a Fun Mini-Makeover, and so Can You!

Hi Silver Sisters, it's Lauren from September 2018!  I have the most amazing update for you - my husband Jon and I have launched our very own hair care line!  I have learned so much on my gray journey, and our new products incorporate all of my "tips and tricks" for making silver hair look terrific.  I am leaving all prior recommendations in place because I hope that they will continue to be helpful to people, and I will continue to use and enjoy many of the products that I have written about in the past. My opinions still stand on them. 

I hope that you will take a look at our new line By The Way, Your Hair Looks Fabulous!™  - it is a complete line of hair-care and styling products made especially for Silver Sisters AND for anyone who wants their hair care to be more natural and more affordable! 

- - 

Hey Friends, I think I just wrote a post the size of a book! I wrote a book! (Wasn't I just saying that I wanted to start publishing SHORTER posts?) This is a post book about how you can have fun while giving yourself a little mini-makover, especially if you're learning to navigate colors and looks with newly gray hair. Really though, this post is for anyone, no matter what your hair color may be. The point is..... my gosh, now I see why it took me so long to update the blog! Thanks for being patient. :)

I know that I spend a lot of time on here talking about how exteriors matter less than our interiors in the grand scheme of things. As an exception to the rule though, I think sometimes giving a bit of thoughtful consideration to our wardrobe and make-up choices can be both fun and important. Whether you're nearly perfect, or especially if you're struggling to feel your best these days, we can all benefit from giving our outsides the attention that they deserve.

Before we begin, I'd like to share my two cents for a moment on a potentially touchy subject. And when I say "two cents", what I mean is: "my humble opinion, one that you may or may not want to take to heart, because I realize that we're all different." But here goes......

For my gray-haired readers, as so many of you are, I'd like to quickly talk about how our hair color "colors" everything about us - at least on the outside, whether we like it or not. Historically, gray hair has always carried connotations of aging. Unfortunately, this is the opposite of that prized "youthful glow." I feel that perhaps, this is a good reason to practice a bit of balancing of the two.

In today's society, a woman choosing to wear her hair naturally gray, can find her hair being the dominant feature of herself.  I feel it is important to not let the gray, a potentially aging and fairly harsh characteristic, become our only defining element.

Does this make sense? Gray hair and age are NOTHING to be ashamed of. In fact, they are two things in life to be celebrated! Two powerful things though, and sometimes their opposite and balancing characteristics kind of get pushed to the background. That's why I like  put a bit of softness and femininity into my daily style. The balance you find between striking and soft,  graceful aging and youthful glow, I think it's the key to cultivating a pretty gray look!

Ok, that's the end of my two cents on the who gray hair thing. Take it or leave it. Thanks! :)

So, for the first part of this post I am going to explain step by step, the easiest and best way that I found to curate a fresh, new wardrobe and a new look. For the second half, I'll share a few favorite clothing items, accessories and other products that I'm currently enjoying. I'm far FAR from any kind of style or fashion expert, and I don't expect all of you share the same taste as I do, but these are items that have been tried and tested, and that I believe in. Even if one of you finds something inspiring or a clothing piece that you's also wear and love, then that make sharing worth it! 

So let's get started!

I'd love to tell you how I went about curating my most recent look. I've finally found some fool proof steps that have just made everything so fun and easy, and I'me excited to share!
In a nutshell,  I paid lots of attention to what colors went nicely with my new-ish gray hair color, and gave thought and consideration to which clothing shapes complimented my body type. Also, I  was sure to only purchase pieces that met all of my needs, and I stayed within budget. It was much easier than I thought it would be, after I got organized, and here's how I did it!

First we need to address a few basics-

What's your style philosophy? This is an essential building block in making a wardrobe that best suites you! Here is my personal style philosophy as an example, what would your style philosophy be?:

Trends don't matter to me. I prefer purchasing an item because I like it, not because it is currently "in style" or on trend. What matters to me is value. Is the clothing well made for the price? Will I be able to wear it for more than one season? Is the price vs. the number of times I will wear the piece good? I personally look for comfort. Soft fabrics in non-restrictive shapes, that also don't look sloppy.  I want a "uniform" so I don't have to spend time worrying about what to wear each day! Dressing up and being creative is lots of fun for nights and weekends, but for me, having an easy weekday "outfit formula" works well.

So that's my philosophy. It encompasses what I would like and need in a wardrobe. It states my intentions, and starts this whole process off. Take a minute to think about your philosophy as well. It helps immensely to brainstorm about what you're looking for on pen and paper. Be creative and enjoy! This is an exciting thing, a chance to reinvent YOU!

Next we move on to another basic: color. What are your colors? What looks best on you? Have you ever noticed how some clothing and make-up colors suddenly brighten up your face, bringing out your rosy glow, or perhaps the blue in your eyes? And then there are other colors that seem to turn your skin a drab shade of blah? Color can REALLY make a big difference!

Have you ever heard of finding your "Color Season?" It's a very interesting concept and I find it to be pretty accurate! Depending on a combination of your skin tone, hair color and eye color, you are able to determine what family of colors might bring out your best, glowy undertones, and compliment your eyes and hair. (I'm a winter by the way.)

I like THIS online tool from Color Me Beautiful to find your color season. There is information in step 1. on how to compute gray hair. I also thought THIS post did a good job at explaining seasonal color groups from a style blog called "Into Mind."  Finally, there are many many videos out there that explain how to find your best colors, but I thought this one did a great job talking about the process.

Research what colors are suggested for you, and you might even want to go through your closet and pull out the colors that have always made you feel the prettiest. I know you know already, at least some of the shades that make you shine from experience! Take note, and start from there!

(On a gray note: I have heard that off-whites and creams make white hair look yellowed. I have found that to be true, at least for me. You need to try for yourself though, and then make your decision. I'm just relaying info. that was helpful to me. Also, I have come to feel that with MY version of gray hair, soft pastels and most of all GRAYS go nicely with my hair color. I was shocked that gray could work well with gray, but it does! Think gunmetal gray as a nice shade. That has been the best so far. I love how the pastels soften my look and add femininity. It might work because I have fairly...fair skin and light eyes. Kind of a pastel-light look? If you have similar coloring, you might enjoy pastels as well!)

Next we move on to your shape!
If I had to guess, most of you, if not all of you, already know what kind of body shape you have. Often words like "hourglass", "apple" , "pear" and even "ruler" are used to classify your bends and curves or lack there of. Knowing your body type, and taking stock of your best assets, can help you to learn what shapes and clothing help to compliment you the most! There are many different body type classifications out there, each one using different words and definitions, so don't get too caught up in all of this. The important thing to know is you "general" body shape. For example, I'm usually an hourglass, but sometimes I'm more like a "cello" shape. I like this video that explains how to find your body type. It's from Cardigan Empire, and they have many many other body type, and "dressing for your body type" videos. It's definitely worth a look!

There is also so much to find online by simply googling "What is my body shape?" Or, "What is my body type?" You really don't need to get too technical with measurements, it's usually pretty easy to tell what you are. MOST IMPORTANTLY THOUGH....... once you know your shape, research, research, research what will look best on that shape! Google it, look on YouTube, check out books from the library. It's fun, it's not hard, and you'll quickly find some universal rules in dressing that can really work wonders!  (My library carries the book - "Dress Your Best: The Complete Guide to Finding the Style That's Right for Your Body" by Clinton Kelly and Stacy London of the television show "What Not to Wear."  The book is a bit old, but in general, I found it to be really helpful and funny too.  And again, there is a lot of opinion out there, so the best thing to do is try what they recommend and see for yourself. Start there. Take the advice that works for you and the rest you can leave.

And finally, let's briefly talk about playing up your favorite parts about you, and playing down those you have less confidence with.  The truth of the matter is, most of us don't love everything about our bodies. In fact, I struggle with body-image/self esteem terribly. This is something that I've been working on for a while, but it's very hard for me. I spend TOO MUCH time, every single day, worrying about how bad one body part or another looks. It's not good. So, rather than dwell on the negatives, a nice thing you can do is practice pulling out the POSITIVES! 

Quick! First thing that comes to mind - what is your favorite body part on you!? Do you have great legs? Maybe you've got strong, toned arms. Or maybe a cute butt! ;)
For me,  I'm trying to learn to like and accept my curves. I have a waist that is 10" smaller than my hips, so I guess you could say that I like the fact that I have a waist! (It needs a lot of work, but I'm thankful for it.) This is how you create and "Assets list". With each outfit, I try to highlight the good things, like my curves and waistline.

You can EVEN work with the body parts that you worry about the most! LEARN HOW TO WORK WITH THE NEGATIVES! Guys, the following isn't easy to share, but I still firmly believe that being open and honest can cause the most change, so here goes:  I am incredibly anxious about my upper arms and hips/thigh areas, and I worry all the time that they look terrible in clothing. And that's just the two worst body parts from a long running list in my head. BUT HERE'S THE THING...... (beyond diet, exercise and psycho-therapy should you choose, ) YOU CAN TAKE A NEGATIVE AND WORK WITH IT!  I THINK YOU SHOULD! All you need is some time and dedication to reading all you can about the "Science" of dressing, fabrics and clothing shapes. It's fun, it usually doesn't feel like work. Here are some examples.......

For the longest time, I swore that I'd never wear sleeveless dresses or tops. It just felt like a "no-no." Then I read, and found picture examples explaining that actually, sometimes short-sleeves "cut-off" the arm and hence, make it look wider! If a short-sleeve top dissects your arm at the widest point, it's doing you much less a favor than a sleeveless top would. In fact, especially with some types of tops, going sleeveless elongates the line of the arm! That really helped me to come to terms with one of my biggest fears. Exercising has helped too, but understand more about my worries had been the biggest help. 

Who is your style icon!? 
Alright, now for the fun stuff! Who my dear, is your style icon? You can have many more than one! They can be famous, they can be your local barista, your Mom, Dad, a character in your favorite novel! It's doesn't matter, as long as their style makes you smile. :)
And, your style icons can change from year to year or even season to season!
It helps if your icon has a similar body shape to you, so that you have ease in emulating their style, but really, it doesn't matter.

MY style icon is the absolutely gorgeous writer, cookbook author, and TV presenter, Nigella Lawson. I've always enjoyed Nigella's cooking programs and books, and have thought how well she dresses her curves. Also, Nigella doesn't seem fussy, she's often casual and comfy, but polished. I love that! And, a great thing for me and my "Style Philosophy" is that Nigella tends to dress in a "uniform." That is, at least for quite some time, she would wear a simple outfit of a long black skirt and a pretty, colorful top, or a black dress with an adorable cropped cardigan. A cropped jean jacket too! I fully understand that her look is not for everyone, but I like it, and it works for me! That is why dear Nigella, you are, MY style icon.

And Noah too!

Now.....Let's Make a visual WISHLIST!
A great thing to do is to gather up all of the current clothing catalogues and magazines that you can find. Look through them and cut out pictures of specifics clothing items that you would love. Even if something isn't in your price range, snip it out anyway, this is just a time to brainstorm, and later you can most likely find a similar piece of clothing at a different price point.

I used Pinterest to create a Spring/Summer Wardrobe board. Take a LOOK! I "pinned" items from all of my favorite companies, including shoes, bags and accessories. It was so much fun. Setting up a free Pinterest account is very worth it. Especially for just this purpose.

Once you have an idea of what you're looking for, it's time for a budget!
(Well, that's if you are like me and you have a budget!)  I used to get really nervous before making a clothing purchase. The only reason I can think as to why, is just because it feels expensive to me. And truthfully, I don't tend to buy expensive brands, and I almost always use coupons or promo codes. (You can find a deal on almost everything!) But, to make me feel a bit less concerned about shopping, Jon and I figured out a monthly clothing budget. One thing that has been helpful, is that I usually don't buy clothing every month, but rather "bank" the money for bigger shopping at the start of a season. That way, it doesn't feel as wasteful to go out and buy several items at once. Also, just for the record, I wear most of the clothing that I buy for multiple years. I really try to purchase only well made items that will last.

Here's how I went about budgeting though. It make things easy.....
First I made a list of all of the clothing pieces that I potentially wanted - where they were from - and how much they cost. Then I made note of if/when a sale was coming up, or if I had a coupon.  I do a lot of online shopping now, and they always email you coupons! 
(Yeah, by the way, if you find a retailer who's clothing fits you well, it's easy to shop online. For example, Land's End's petite clothing fits me very well. I know that I can order online without much worry. I signed up for their email and catalogues, and I receive coupons all the time from them. It's great!)

Next, because I started some time before the season that I was shopping for, I made up groups of items that I wanted to purchase and divided the groups into different months. For example, I started all of this in February. So, I made a group of three items that I wanted to buy in February, that could be worn in March and onward. Especially items that were a bit warmer, or could be worn with sweaters and other cool weather gear. I then made a group for March and April, in hopes that I would be all set in the clothing department for spring and summer by then!

This systems seems like a lot when I'm typing it out, but really, it's a ton of fun and is easier than it sounds. In the end, I was organized and on budget, with a well thought out mix-and-match wardrobe in the end! Also, it was nice not to have to run at the last minute to find appropriate clothing for warmer weather. Sometimes when you rush to buy something, you end up paying more and choosing pieces that you don't love. 
So now with all of that work and effort, what did I come away with for his spring and summer? Well, probably my most versatile and favorite wardrobe to date! So far it's included some floor length "maxi dresses", which are pretty new to me, and a couple shorter dresses that are perfect and were found on deep discount! I complimented these with short-sleeved sweaters in pretty, soft colors to carry me through the cooler spring months, and was sure to find different types of footwear that could help transform my outfits from casual to sporty to dressy! I also found some exercise clothing, a lightweight jacket and some fun accessories.

All in all, I feel like the soft colors, flowing fabrics and feminine shapes, help to balance the characteristics of my gray hair. The look that I'm going for brings a bit of fun and youthfulness to my style, something that I'm happy to include! :)

Here are a few of my faves to pass along:

-  Dresses! They're the staple of my wardrobe. So comfortable and easy. They also, I think, work well with my shape. Most of my dresses this year are from FRESH PRODUCE CLOTHING. I absolutely LOVE the soft, flowy cotton fabrics that this American made company uses, and the BEAUTIFUL array of colors that everything comes in! Fresh Produce makes a lot of their pieces in feminine colors like pastels. Often times, even their stronger hues have a lightly "faded" look to them.

This dress is their "High Shore" wrap dress and retailed for $74. I found it on sale for just $21! It's still on sale if you're interested! The cardigan is from Target from last year. They are making the cardigans again this season, and just this week, they were on sale for buy two, for $20. At $10 each, how can you not!? I have quite a few similar spring-weight cardigans now, but I didn't have one in black. So, a friend and I went in on the deal when she purchased a white cardigan, and I a black. Win-win! I loved this wrap dress so much, that I purchased a second in an pale blue color. I love them.

The second dress that I bought for this spring and summer is The Staple Maxi Dress by Fresh Produce. I have to admit, I went a little overboard on this one. After trying the dress on for the first time, and really liking the ease of style and fit, I then went on to buy four more colors over the next few months. It might be too much, but:  A.) I really did want a no fuss "uniform",  B.) I am new to long dresses and love how comfy they are,  C.) the dress is super versatile weather-wise and occasion-wise. So, I think it's ok.  Here's the dress...... (It doesn't quiiiiite look like this on me.)

 I ended up with this lilac version, one in a pastel turquoise, a blue-gray, a black and a navy.  (Btw- my goal was a wardrobe of pastel fun, but the black and the navy have come in so handy already!)
I was worried about going sleeveless this summer, but I realized that I can't always worry about everything for my entire life. I'm sure I'll feel self-conscious to no end, but all I can do is keep up with my exercise, wear sunscreen and just live my life. Of course you can still wear short-sleeved cardigans with these dresses, and I do, but sometimes it's just going to be hot out!

Here is how versatile these dresses are: Casual with a jean jacket and some sneakers for a polished errand running look. Then...........

A pair of flats and a fun purse and I'm out to dinner!!!!!! (Oh, and the jean jacket is something that I've been wearing everyday. It's from Ann Taylor Loft.)

Here is the dress in another color. It's very versatile! I know that I don't wear them like a fashion plate, and more like a Mom, but if your style is otherwise, there's really so much that you can do with this dress. It's great!

I'd like to point something out here about my BAG. (Don't look at this picture. It's very unflattering.) (Ignore all of the totally awkward posing I keep doing too.) One thing that I'm trying to do this spring and summer is to just use the bags and purses that I already own. This is my little Cath Kidston day bag. I love the feminine print that goes well with most of my outfits, and the durability of the oil cloth surface makes it great for running around, even on playgrounds. I am Cath Kidston crazy by the way. If I could plaster myself and my house in it without going broke, I would! My dear friend Laura just came to visit all the way from London, and she brought me the most lovely Cath Kidston kitchen towel set and an adorable Cath coin purse. Love, love, love! Thank you Laura!!! xoxoxo

Another thing that I did to get my warm weather wardrobe ready to go, was sort through all of my old clothing. I try to donate the items that I really won't use, and the rest hopefully get worn again. For example, this Land's End staple, the cotton Fit and Flare dress! I need to tell you, rarely do I find something so comfortable and SO WELL MADE, for such a great price! I can't recommend this line of dresses enough. At least for the past two years, the cotton fabric has been soft and thick, in quality way. I love these dresses. In fact, after receiving a nice coupon, I went ahead and ordered their new maxi dress style of the original Fit and Flare (seen here in green).  I'll let you know how it turns out!


Look, I'm just going to be honest with you. My Dad is a women's shoe designer. His life is shoes, so he loves sending me shoes.  I feel so incredibly grateful. Without him, I promise you, I would not be showing you a bunch of new shoes for this summer. These were gifts. When I'm shoe shopping myself, I usually pick one or two pairs for a season and make them last as many season as possible. I love deals too. Zappos is great, and their super discounted sister site, is awesome. Also, I've found that if you join DSW's points club, they send out nice coupons and free spending bucks!

For starters, my Dad sent me this ballet flat that he designed, the "Napa" by Softwalk. I swear, this post isn't a marketing gimmick, I just happen to really like this shoe, and have been wearing the pair all month! The Napa has been super comfortable and cute on. (I'm wearing it in one of the pictures above.) The thing that I love about this particular color (there are several) is that it serves as a very versatile "neutral", going with so many outfits, BUT also being kind of a fun, pretty alternative to nude flats. Way to go Dad! Napa, two thumbs up!

Next on the docket, my exercise- slash-these are fun so I will wear them anytime  shoes! I love these Gel Noosa's from Asics. If your feet feel like looking crazy, WHY NOT!? 
Especially when paired with boring black workout gear, or a simple long, black dress, the Gel Noosa's just make everything a little bit more interesting. And, they're comfortable with great stability. I've worn mine up and down the outdoor stairs that I use for exercise, and up and down the hill and on long walks. You might as well get your neon and dayglo in, because if the 1980's are any predictor, these colors won't come back around for another 30 years.

Here are three more pairs to take me through the spring and summer.... a pair of all-purpose Keens, the Sienna Marry Jane for  running errands and spending time at school or on the playground. I love the heather texture, the super non-slip sole, and the ease of being a cute slip-on. My only thought is that while I love the Tawny Port color, perhaps they would go with more of my colorful dresses, if I had stuck with a neutral. Over all though, they're already proving to be an often used shoe.

Awww, my Birkenstock. I love my new Birkenstocks and I can't wait to wear them. So, I hear that Birks are back in style this years. That's not WHY I chose them, but it definitely lead me to getting a pair, because all of the Birkenstock talk made me curious to see what they're like these days. I had a couple pairs in high school when I was a "hippie." They were comfortable, I liked them. Now though,   I felt like the metallic silver pair of Mayari Birks could really be the more polished and mature flip flop replacement that I've been looking for! So far, I love them, they look nice with the maxi dresses. I'm ready for sandal weather. Let's go!

Finally, these are my ("salmon" colored?) sandals from Land's End. I actually thought they were going to be a little more pinky, but I guess my monitor is off. I found these sandals on super super sale, and in retrospect, might have been a little impulsive. I think I should have sent them back because they don't go with many of my dresses, but for some reason, I didn't feel like spending the money on return shipping. They seem well made and are a cute shoe none-the-less. I'm sure that I'll find some nice ways to wear them. 

Hats -

This is my FAVORITE sun hat. It's called the Everyday Cotton Hat from Coolibar. Coolibar is a great company that provides sun protective clothing in everything from dresses to swimsuits to all kinds of accessories for an active outdoor lifestyle. This hat comes in a ton of nice colors and is rated SPF 50+.

When I wear it, everybody laughs at me and says that I look strange, but I'm like: "Go ahead and laugh. Ha ha. I'm going to do whatever I can to NOT GET MORE WRINKLES THAN I HAVE TO!"
Here's my thinking.....if you have gray hair, you might as well do what you can to not progress other signs of aging. If I can wear sunscreen or a sun hat, why not!?

Sunglasses -

If I could have only one accessory to tote around with me this summer, without a moment's doubt, it would be my sunglasses. I'm in love with these sunglasses in particular. They were an early birthday present from my father, because even though I coveted this pair for a while, I never had the guts to buy them myself. I want to tell you, while many say that if you're going to spend money on your wardrobe, spend it on your shoes and purses, I need to add sunglasses to that. Sunglasses are something that you wear day in and day out, EVERY SEASON of the year! They also, when taken care of, can last for a long, long time. My eyes are sensitive, unless it's dusk or night, I wear my glasses! So the cost:use ratio is pretty good.

I worse sunglasses from Target for a long time. They're often cute and $16, but Target sunglasses, they break a lot, you kind of get what you pay for. One day I went to Nordstrom and bought myself a pair of designer sunglasses for my birthday. I loved them and wore the glasses daily for years. Then sadly, they met their end after being accidentally dropped and scratched one too many times. I went back to Target glasses, but really, I probably spent as much over the years on those, as my designer pair.

Fast forward, to my Dad's "early birthday present", I am absolutely adoring these Prada 54mm Cat Eye Sunglasses. They're worth it! I'm taking meticulous care of them, and the plan is to never buy another pair again. I have met my sunglasses soulmate! When you have gray hair, sometimes you just need a little bit of extra glamour in your life!

Nail Polish-

There is one, single television program that I follow. It's Madmen from A & E.  It's so good, and I'm devastated that they're starting their seventh and finale season. Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyy????
One of the characters on the show is Betty Draper, and Betty is fierce. She's a 1960's maven with perfect nails.  I really like all of the colors that she wears on the show, and after a little research, I came across Essie's  "Cute as a Button" referred to multiple times as a very "Betty-esq polish."

Make-up - 

And last but not least, I want to tell you about some of my favorite make up! Have you heard of Vapour Organic Beauty!? It's AMAZING!!!! So one day I mentioned on Facebook that I was looking for a new brand of paraben-free cosmetics to try. I use Origins all of the time, but wanted to branch out. My in-the-know friend Amy, who happens to be BEAUTIFUL, jumped in and recommended Vapour Organics, so I knew that I had to take notice. Also, that same week, at a completely different time, another person randomly mentioned Vapour. I felt like this was a sign.

The make-up isn't cheap, but it lasts a long time, and is different than any other product you'll try. (Sometimes they have sales, and most of the time I receive Vapour as a birthday or Christmas gift.) Much of their make-up comes in tubes! It's really wonderful stuff. Here's what Vapour has to say about their products:

" Vapour is 100% Natural. It contains 70% certified organic ingredients and 30% minerals and vitamins. That's it! Vapour contains no toxic chemicals, No Parabens, No Phalates, No Gluten, No Animal Testing, No Nano Particles, No Irradiation."

I think that's pretty awesome. You can read through their site to learn more about Vapour's unique application process. The site is full of great "look book" examples, how to's and videos. You can also, for a small fee, order a sample pack, to find your right colors before committing to full size.

Some of my favorite products include their Siren Lipstick in #422 Au Pair. This lipstick is very lush. It's creamy, has a nice amount of color saturation, helps condition your lips, and it is the perfect shade of berry.

I also love their Aura Multi-Use Blush in the classic formulation. I own both the vibrant Courtesan and the softer pink Crush.  These sticks glide on giving  you lots of control over how much or how little color you want. Use them on your cheeks, lips and eyes too! The uniform look is actually quite pretty sometimes.

My other favorite is their Trick Stick Highlighter in Star.  Sure, when applied heavy handed it can make me look a bit like David Bowie in Ground control to Major Tom, but who doesn't need a little glam rock in their life?

Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to use their make-up. They also have the video version HERE.
One final make-up note, note related to Vapour.... I recently picked up a tube of Burt's Bees 100% Natural Lip Glass in Nearly Dusk at Target. I adore the color. It's a sheer rose, and looks nice alone or with lipstick!

In conclusion,  (oh my gosh, this post actually has an ending!?) the most important point to remember is to just be you! Go with what feels right and makes you smile, not by what the fashion magazines say. If that means wearing the same, purple mini-backpack for six months straight and a "Cat Lovers for Obama" pin, and gray hair, then go for it! Be you.

Until Next Time!


Valerie said...

Hi Lauren! What a fun read! =)I learned something new and helpful too. I absolutely LOVE all of your dresses.
You look stunning as always. Have a happy week.
Your friend,
Valerie =)

Lauren said...

Dear Valerie,

Oh my gosh, THANK YOU for reading that WHOLE post! It got a little TOO long! :)
Clothing can be fun though. Thanks for your kind words. You are just beautiful so I take your compliment highly!

I hope you have a happy week too Valerie. Sending a hug!
Your friend Lauren :)

Deborah Montgomery said...

Lauren, I'm new to your blog. I found you through GGLG I think. I just cancelled my first haircolor appointment, so I have a long ways to go, but I am looking for inspiration as this going gray thing is kind of scary! I loved this post, and am going to check out some of the links you provided. Thanks for all the information here. I think you look absolutely beautiful in your gray!

Lauren said...

Hi Deborah! It's very nice to meet you!

A big congrats on this new journey. It's not the easiest thing in the world, especially at the beginning, but there are SO many great things that come from not having to worry about our roots every few weeks or so. Its just liberating! :)

I'm glad that you're here, and thank you for your nice comment. We all help each other! I'm not sure if you have seen it, but there is a tab at the top of this page that says: "Going Gray? HOORAY!" If you click there, all of my other gray-hair related posts are listed if you're interested.

So much luck to you Deborah. Hang in there, you can do it!

Unknown said...

Hi Lauren, I just discovered this blog tonight on Pinterest. Thank you for such a wonderful and informative blog. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, ok well, most of it. I have been considering going gray for about 6months now and I might actually do it. The only thing is, it will be hard for me to hide under hats and scarves and things like that. I am active duty military and must present a neat and presentable hairstyle (a tight bun because I don't want to cut my hair short just yet). I am really worried about the skunk stripe although I don't believe my hair is that white underneath, more of salt and pepper. I just wanted to give it a go so I can start coloring it a nice silver color when it does completely grow out. Again, thank you for all your tips and insights on going gray.