Monday, February 03, 2014

And Just Like that She Smiled and Smiled All the Day Through.......

Yesterday, at a Super Bowl party of all places, my friends and I (the clutch of mostly women, clucking in the kitchen) began talking about those rare, magical times when somebody singled us out and made us feel forever special. Really, we were talking about childhood. Poignant moments that might have been nothing special to the grown-up, but life-changing to the child. For example, my friend said that she will never forget the time that her Grandfather left a party full of his friends and other adults just to step outside and throw a ball with her. She said that she was so moved, and felt so incredibly special and important to her Grandfather, and the love she felt that day has been carried with her ever since.
Isn't that beautiful? It brought tears to my eyes! Right there, at a SUPER BOWL party! (Yeah, I'm a kind of a softy.)

GUESS WHAT? As luck would have it, today, I've had my own, little experience that I will never ever forget myself! I will always remember this remarkable gesture of kindness.  It made my heart fill with happiness and gratitude and connection and pride for how amazingly loving and caring human beings can be!

For anonymity's sake, I will just call my new found, incredibly sweet and thoughtful friend "Christine." She had the courage and thoughtfulness to reach out and surprise me with the most beautiful and touching letter, and a FANTASTIC cooking and food magazine with an article on how to win over children who are picky eaters.

I had just trudged through the snow and the ice into my favorite coffee shop, Commonwealth. This was  after a long, slightly melancholy morning. It included being up before the sun on a Monday, a bunch of mundane household chorus and what felt like a never-ending errand run.  I came to the coffee shop to warm up with a nice almond milk cappuccino, but in my wobbly clumsiness of balancing purse, laptop and wallet, I blurted out the wrong drink as I dove to catch my nearly tumbling wallet. It was that type of day.

I sat down at one of my usual stools along the high countertops, opened my computer and tucked my coat and bag in neatly next to me, when the manager of the shop came up to me. She is always the nicest, all smiles and upbeat and always too kind. She asked me what my last name was, and of course I obliged and then proceeded to excitedly tell me about a package arriving. A package that was addressed to me!  ME!  Wait......ME!??????

My heart was pounding. My face was smiling. My mind was racing! What in the world could it be!? A package sent to me care of Commonwealth!? (This was honestly one of the most exciting moments in a long time.)

Eagerly the manager (I don't want to use names without permission) rushed back with the manila envelope. We opened the package to find what I'd mentioned before, truly the most lovely letter I have ever received, and a wonderful magazine. The letter explained (without giving too much of a personal letter away) that the writer had been enjoying reading along with How Bourgeois and had read a post I had written about Noah being a picky eater, and ironically, a magazine had appeared in her mailbox with this sentence on the cover: "Tips to Win Over a Picky Kid!" How's that for synchronicity!?

Christine must have a heart as big as the moon, because she took the time to not only write, but to send the magazine to me as well. AND, she found such a neat way to get it to me, c/o Commonwealth! (Christine, Commonwealth would like me to tell you that they say "HELLO CHRISTINE!!!!)  :)

So Christine, my new, very special friend, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. My heart that is now two-sizes bigger and full of joy because of your kindness! You have reminded me that people are good and kind in this world, and you have made for a memory that had me feeling so special and honored. One that I will never forget.
You have inspired me to "pay it forward"!

Thank you for making my day  bright and full of sun shine.

(And Noah thanks you too!)


With MUCH gratitude and a smile, 
Lauren :)

P.S. After reading your letter up to just before the P.S., I turned and said to Commonwealth's manager: "You know, Canadians are just the nicest, most kind people." (Being neighbors and great Canada fans, we try to get to there once or twice a year).  And then I turned back to read your P.S. section. Yes, yes, I would whole-heartedly agree. ;)

P.P.S. I can't wait to slowly flip through the pages of the magazine tonight, cook some of the recipes, and help my picky eater. Thank you so much for this, and your wisdom! At least for now, I welcome the days to come of the teenage eating machine! :)

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