Thursday, October 17, 2013

Why I Will Never be A Poet Laureate

A funny fella, looking forlornly for fifty fortnights at the fun in the forbidden fortress. 
Closed to the public.

End of Autumn outdoor seating . Outdoor eating. Eerie illumination in the evening.

Finally Friday, frazzled and fried. Too many fries. Not enough Moscato.

Grandparents grab a bite. Move in tight. 1850's historic tavern. History tastes alright.

We've come to see the new playground, to move around, look what we've found. The coolest play structures abound.

The little cat grew kind of fat and spills o'er her favorite basket. It's fine with me, because you see, it moves when'er I ask it. 

This is Molly, we met again.
We went to coffee and talked the whole time about....
can you guess?

My bike is back! It's because we've lacked the space to house this giant thing on wheels. Could you hear me as I rode, my screams and shrieks and  squeals  ?
I was loud.

If you ride in the cemetery, the chances of being hit by a car are low.
This one is not a poem.

Latte, laptop, going to the coffee shop. I can't stop.

Special lap desk treat. He thought this was so neat.  It's only because we took away his family room table and seat, to get this fixed..............

.......... the fireplace it's finally going! We thought it was broken, but unknowing, it was fine.
The WHOLE time.

Night time power walk with an old friend. Walked around the neighborhood and then town in the end. Snapped this picture last night, why did they already put up the Christmas lights!?

This autumnal view will never get old. The warm reds and the burnt orange and the leaves that are gold.

High above from my window, this is what I see. With each and every new season I feel soooooooo lucky.

Noah received a mustache in the mail. For things that rhyme with mustache, look elsewhere.

On my usual evening walk, for pretty leaves I scanned. I saw a perfect specimen and had to Instagram!

This is strange, there is no doubt. Noah and my Mother having an imaginary Minecraft bout.

The end of the movie is supposed to portray PEACE, but Noah didn't get the memo. When I uttered: "Go" to prompt  a HUG, Noah did a pickaxe demo. Whaaaaaaat?



Delaine said...

That's your mother, why isn't she gray? When you tried to encourage her, did she say "no way"!! PS..I'm a silver sister too ;)

Delaine said...

That's your mother, why isn't she gray? When you tried to encourage her, did she say "no way"!! PS..I'm a silver sister too ;)

Unknown said...

Love your blog have been reading it on& off for a couple of months I think it's wonderful . Love everything about it & also love your Hair. You are so right the transition is more than just about the hair I am 5 months into it.

Lauren said...

Hi Delaine!
Hahahah. I know, right!? ;)
My Mom actually has little gray! It's my father's side of the family that grays early and grays a lot! I've mentioned it to my Mom, but she feels like her small streaks of gray would look silly.
I'm just glad she supports my decision. That makes it a lot easier! :)

Hiya Pamela!
Welcome!!! Thank you so much for your nice comment.
How are things going with your hair. Five months is a long time! I hope that you're liking your new look more and more with each week. Hang in there and keep up the good work!

Lauren said...
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