Monday, January 28, 2013

Snow Day

It's a snow day! More like an icy day. And I can't wait to tell Noah. He'll be so happy!
I think I'll just enjoy the quiet while I can. ;)


loulou said...

Oooh, you guys are going to have fun today! We had some (more) nice fluffy snow overnight, but now it's raining :/ Finds me rethinking my plans to hit the streets for a walk.

Lauren said...

Hey Loulou!

I know, snow days are so nice. But, you know what? We ended up with rain, just like you guys. It's quickly turning into a wet slush. :(

I really enjoyed your latest post. What a nice day!
I hope end up getting your walk in after all, you live in such a fantastic, interesting city!

Have a great day. Thanks so much for the comment! :)