Monday, May 07, 2012

Today I....

Waited anxiously for the plumber to FINALLY fix our water heater.  NO HOT WATER SINCE WEDNESDAY! That is a lot of stock pots of stove heated water into the bath tub. On the upside, we did drag our bodies and ten pounds of stuff over to my Parent's for showers. Their shower, it's like a luxurious hotel shower.  Like the Ritz. No, better. It wasn't just that they had hot water, it was the normal, non-circa.1860 water pressure. And the shower is big and has a cool glass enclosure. I felt like I was in a natatorium. 

I also took a walk around town. This coming weekend is Noah's friend's birthday party, and I wanted to get him a special chess game. We have a fantastic toy store in town called Adventures in Toys. You can always tell an Adventure in Toys gift by their polka dot wrapping paper. My Dad and I were talking today about what makes a fairly small, independent toy store like Adventures in Toys Stay in business for twenty years, when others have failed. I have to say that a big part of it is this kind of personal service that's hard to find anywhere else. Especially in the big-box stores. The Adventures in Toys employees are always so happy and eager to help you find just the right gift. They ask if you are shopping for a boy or a girl and what age. I've always loved their suggestions, and the store is perfectly curated with quality play things. One special touch though, is the gift wrapping. It's really nice that they offer this free service. I rarely find a business that still offers this!

It was so upsetting.  After the toy store, I was pulled in against my will, by Anthropologie's insurmountable force .

To the sale rack of course.

Most of the time.

Look at these cute paper clips.  8 paper clips for $10. omg.

The good news is that the Wisteria vine that covers our pergola, finally started to bloom. I was so worried, an early frost had killed all of the flowers that began to sprout on the vine a couple weeks ago.

The bad news is, is that the mini-pool looks more like a cesspool right now. The pool company is coming to start a complete re-surface hopefully tomorrow. Fingers crossed!!!

And well, that's my day........

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