Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So Close, I can Almost Craft It

Fall. Fall makes me lose my marbles. Fall makes me slap-happy. Fall makes me a better person. Been going ape for autumn since 1985.
I'm not. kidding.

I loved Fall SO much, that for my fifth grade school pictures, I donned a gorgeous matching, candy corn necklace and earring set from Hallmark. Because, I felt in my heart, it was just quintessential me. (I might have told you all of this before. Sorry. I promise to try to get my hands on a copy of the photo. MORE proof that I RULZ.)

How could this be though? It's like the TLC special that I saw about people in love with inanimate objects,only Fall isn't an object, it's a SEASON. (Or , fall is something you do when you let that boyfriend, you know, the "bad influence one", that you really only went out with because he drives a Jeep, tell you that it's non-alcoholic wine in a box. And then you go skateboarding.)

It's not just one thing that I've fallen (Oh haha, pardon the pun!) deeply in love with, it's so many things.
  1. Those gorgeous gorgeous warm colored leaves, standing golden in the sun.
  2. The GREAT smell in the air, toasty fires burning. Throw on another log for me homies!
  3. A cool breeze in the air. From sweating to tha' sweaters. That's how I roll.
  4. PLAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Kids go back to school, so finally I can get my life back. (Wait, did I just admit that one out loud?)
  6. Hallow ween ween ween! Even though I've heard that we don't get trick-or-treaters on our new street, I shall buy candy to have ready anyway. I will pretend to be kind and caring about the theoretical possibility of stray treaters. And then, Noah and I will eat it.
  7. Dried corn for decorating. Long ago, in the time of the Pilgrims, the Native Americans used fish, buried in the ground to fertilize their corn crops. Since learning that fact in second grade, I always wondered how nasty the cornstalks smelled, once they pulled the crops out at the end of the season. I imagine it every Thanksgiving.
  8. Pumpkins. In college, I cruelly made all of my Japanese exchange student friends put their hands inside of a pumpkin. It was almost too much. One of them barfed.
  9. Felt pumpkins. Last week, I crafted a mini-pumpkin with wool by needle felting. THEN, I made a tiny-pumpkin by needle felting. THEN, my cats got a hold of them in the night and chewed them, and now they smell just like the long ago Native American's corn crops.
  10. This is the Autumn fairy terrarium that I hand crafted. Which, firmly puts me in the category of dork. But you know what? I don't care, because if you have fall, you have everything.

Last fall, Jon might or might not have been annoyed with me for accidentally buying a station wagon full of pumpkins, some water leaking mums, insect infested cornstalks and a bale of HAY!!!!

I might or might have not vacuumed out the aftermath myself..........

But HELLO! ........... this autumn vignette is nothing but HOT!!!!


Judy said...

It was 105 degrees here today - we have shattered all triple-digit records this year, including the most consecutive number of days we've been over 100 - ever.

I cannot fathom fall at this point.

Anonymous said...

I like it! You are the creative inventor that I love.

FME said...

Lauren... Did you realize that's a BMW when you put all that stuff in there?... Sorry Jon, I feel your pain.


kenna823 said...

Oh how I love the fall! Its my favorite! Seriously. I am DYING to see how my lovely yard will look with all its autumn yellow, gold and orange! Autumn's glory proves to me that there is a God. Oh yes, and He loves me! :)

Lindsay Collins said...

I loved your post on Fall!

The puns, the imagery, the stories about falling off of a skateboard after drinking boxed wine with a teenage boyfriend :)

Lauren said...

Hey Lindsay! Thanks so much! I like your blog,and what an adorable baby. :)
Nice to meet you!