Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Blah Blah Blah........

Other than being quite busy. Busy in the sense that, I am constantly pulled in opposite directions, from Noah, the house, friends, Jon, errands, volunteer work, being a room Mom, and facilitating a parent's group. Other than that, the reason I rarely blog these days, is that I set the bar too high, for the time AND attention span, that I currently have. I don't want to post hurried, lack-luster posts. Boring, day-to-day tidbits, full of typos. I think though, that is just the way it might be, at least once in a while. I've dreamed of honing any writing skills that might lurk in my brain, of putting up eloquently written posts, interesting, intelligent editorial. I fear developing a craft must wait.

Ok, getting down to business because I have a turkey meatloaf in the oven. I'm always worrying about Detroit and the economy. I stress about the value of our house tanking. We've watched it go down, down down now, for at least three years. And come on folks, this is Detroit, every one has tanking housing values across the nation, but yeah, if you're not in the Detroit housing market, consider yourself lucky.

I think about Noah and his new school, and how much I want to tell you about it. I could go on and on about the unique teaching concepts, the AMAZING faculty and staff, and the equally wonderful children. Every single day Noah's teacher does something interesting and engaging with the class, she never ceases to amaze me. And Noah, oh my gosh, in terms of happiness level, what a different kid he is since the days of his old school. It's monumental. I'm so glad we made this decision. It's a chunck of change, and yeah, maybe one of about ten reasons we don't and probably will never have more than one child, but to see Noah smile each morning as we head to school, that confirms to me it was the right move.

I worry everyday about a two week trip Jon will be taking to China shortly. I won't mention when dear Internet, just for my paranoia's sake, but will I be able to hack it? Noah still wakes up at least once a night every other night or so. We're all perpetually sleep deprived over here. So when you wake at 6:00am everyday, and you're tired and you don't sit, just go-go-go until 8:00 at night.... it can get entirely exhausting. I also don't sleep at all when Jon is traveling, I just can't seem to relax and stay asleep. So, by day six, I feel like a glob of mud, my brain and body gets too exhausted. Please cross your fingers for me, that these two weeks are ok and that Jon's trip is safe, successful and fun for him!

This next one is a little odd, but I'm looking for a purse that can also be worn backpack style, that isn't completely nerdy. I know, backpack purses haven't been in style since the mid-nineties, but here's the thing, I can't STAND having my bag hang off one shoulder. It's just too much, it annoys me, the weight of it. I think that a backpack purse would balance the weight and bother me less. Also, I get to use two hands! The problem....A.) There are not many backpack purses out there and B.) The only one I have found that I love is: The Cake Society Satchel by Petunia Picklebottom and bag costs $325! The PPB online outlet has it for $229, but still, come on. I mean, my bags get dragged all over the grocery store and the playground. Ebay is not sporting any affordable Society Satchels at the moment, but if anyone sees even a used one, let me know!

Some fun things that we will do this month. I'm going to "High Tea" this week at a swanky hotel. My friend Laura and her mother invited me. The silk dress that my Mom bough me last month will come in handy. Jon and I are going to women's roller derby. Woo hoo! OMG. Jon swore to myself and many others that he was going to use temporary blue hair dye that night. Rock on.
We're going to what seems like a very nice evening of dining and auction. It's a fundraising event for Noah's school. We'll dress up, enjoy dinner, friends and auction excitement. I hope we win the tuition raffle!!! Or I'd like the Napa wine tasting trip.

The mash potatoes just blew up. I need to go.

Lauren ;)


Brianne said...

Firstly, valarian root for when Jon is gone. It lets you relax enough to get to sleep, but doesn't make you sleep so soundly you can't wake. Nevermind it smells like absolute poo; it is a true miracle.
Also, I do not remember you ever carrying a bag that wasn't a backpack style, it seems fitting for you.
Thirdly, I think I lost your cell number. Only have your home phone and I called when I was in town but I think you may have been out of town?

Brianne said...

Also, I would surely do something inapropriate at something called "high tea". Perhaps knock down some fine china or accidentally break wind during the recital of the specials. I'd be scared.

Kendra Lynn said...

Hey! Call me if you need me while Jon is gone...just to talk, or meet up with ya...let me know, okay?
valerian root does work, also...you can get an herbal sleep aid called "Calms Forte". I bought mine at Walmart and it works great. Yes..I know..I darkened the doors of a store OTHER than Target! Shame, shame!

Love you.

Judy said...

Try melatonin to go to sleep - we use it quite often here.

Can your mom come stay with you? Sometimes I do much better if I have a houseguest.