Thursday, September 04, 2008

Mag List

Magazines are my guilty pleasure. Pre-Noah, I used to buy a couple of them every week, but now I've cut back. Time, money, less leisurely trips to the Border's magazine isles...being a Mom is not very conducive to magazine reading. Today while Noah was at school I ran out for a book and found myself face to face with stacks of magazines. I remembered how many I loved, and started a list that quickly grew, of all that I aim to read. Thank goodness for the library and their subscriptions! Here are my top recommendations:

Good - social activism and awareness
Mother Jones - liberal, independent, non-profit
Heeb -take a guess
What is Enlightenment? - transforming human consciousness and culture
Spirituality & Health- the soul/body connection
Psychology Today - Pop psychology? More than that... very fun and interesting
Hour Magazine- Representing the D.
7 x 7- Representing the SF
Detroit Home - well said.
Dwell- intelligent residential design
Domino - the guide to "living with style"
Craft - wow, crafty
Ready Made - "instructions for everyday life"
Lucky - Shopping
Real Simple Family- good tips, easy to look at
Additude- OMG! The best. Help, I have ADHD!


meagan said...

Ready Made is mine and Adam's guilty pleasure! We fight over every new copy that arrives in our mailbox and read it until it's completely dog-eared.

Lolo said...

Wow, that's cool Meagan! Have you guys made some things out of there? If you have, post up your projects! It is such a neat magazine, huh?

Jeremy said...

I've got a subscription to Craft, which I happened to get for free when I subscribed to Make. I absolutely love that mag.

I admit, I'm a magazine junky too - I keep trading in my airline miles for more magazines. I don't know where I find the time, but I do (inluding my daily subscription to Variety, which keeps me well informed on what's going on in Hollywood)