Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Toddler Carriers. What Do You Think?

I've talked about it before on Flickr, my desire to find some sort of sling or carrier that Noah would enjoy, and more importantly fit into! When we were in San Francisco this past May, Jon and I were amazed by just how calm and relaxed Noah got when we plopped him on our back and went along with the day. I used to use the Baby Bjorn a lot, Noah loved it as a baby, as long as he could look forward, but as soon as he began to crawl, it was as if the Bjorn was pure torture. Now though, I see a carrier as not so much essential transportation, but more so for bonding and a nice way to calm Noah down on the go, or to help when we're out and he's tired. When Noah was six weeks old and learned that he could stand by pulling up on our hands, it was all over. He never let us cuddle or hold him like a baby again. Having a classic, "non-snugly" child has been sad for me, and while I can't change who he is, maybe teaching Noah to slow down and let us carry him a bit would be good.

So today when I came across the "Baby K'tan" carrier being reviewed on Celebrity Baby Blog, (Don't ask.), and saw that it held toddlers up to 42lbs., I had to take a look! Their web site is concise and helpful, and even touts a photo of a 4 year old in the sling. After seeing that their carrier was not only affordable, but also on-sale, AND there is a 15% discount code from Celebrity Baby Blog, my decision was made! Noah and I watched the instruction video and he was all gung-ho about hanging out on my back.

Have you ever carried your toddler/preschooler/giant baby in a sling or carrier?
If so, which one did you like?
Did your back hurt and did you feel ridiculous with a 30lb. kid hanging off you?


I gave Jon a call just now, before placing my order. AND I QUOTE: "Are you serious? You've got to be kidding me, you want us to carry him like that!? Do I have to start lactating now?"

-Uh, I guess I won't be getting the Baby K'tan carrier after all. I mean, I suppose I could, but, maybe Jon is right. Oh well, my cat is only 10lbs. maybe I'll get a cat sling.


Kendra Lynn said...

Meredith was one of those cuddly babies, but Kelsey...NO way! I wish I had had one of those carriers for her. She LOVES when we carry her! She is just so heavy, I can't imagine trying to carry her on my back.
If Noah is light enough, and he will calm down for awhile...who cares what it looks like?


Judy said...

Tyler's right at 40 pounds and I still use my carrier with him. First of all, when he gets cranky-tired, there is NO WAY I am carrying around a 40-pound muncher on my hip without a little assistance! I adore my sling. Absolutely adore it. BTW, mine was made by a local gal - it is awesome, but it isn't a "name brand". If we're going to a fair or an amusement park or hefting ourselves across a parking lot to a baseball game, you betcha I'm bringing my sling. It can be folded up for a cushion, and on chilly nights we've snuggled under it at concerts and ball games (mine comes apart into one long piece of material).

I say go for it. They are amazing things!

The McGeehins said...

We are having a similar "I want to look out" issue currently so until Oliver's head is completely secure (we're almost there) we are working with a Kangaroo pouch so he can look out sideways.
The Beco Butterfly intrigues us and so do a few other carriers, but we're withholding from that purchase until he's old enough to sit facing out.
A store called Tree City Diapers in Ann Arbor stocks majority of slings out there & will help you try on every single brand with Noah until you find what you like. They are great!!! Off Jackson road... www.treecitydiapers.com
Let me know if you want to head out there for a visit!