Wednesday, July 02, 2008

George: A Brief Study

I was lucky enough to go to NY for work a few weeks ago, and my friend George was nice enough to take me out on the town twice, to great places both times. One night we went to a sake tasting dinner at Matsuri hosted by a couple of absolutely lovely brewery executives from Japan, and the next night we went to a few different restaurants as a sort of grub hop.

George in white polo with blue stripes at Matsuri, 6/10.

George in blue polo with white stripes at Momofuko, 6/11.


george said...

too funny.

i didn't even realize my shirt patterns.
there must be something in my head that says striped polo shirts are the "in" thing to do this year.

good thing my collars weren't lifted up. that may have been too much of a statement.

Jonathan said...

you need to pop that collar more.