Friday, May 02, 2008

I Left My Heart In San Francisco.........Well, maybe.

So we leave tomorrow. I'm nervous but ready, excited but just the slightest bit apprehensive. This is going to be a wonderful trip, an emotional one though. I kind of feel like going back to San Francisco will show me once and for all, if the decision to leave was a good one. Of course all major decisions in life come with up-sides and down-sides, but I still can't help to wonder sometimes.

I think what will happen is we have an amazing time and then feel ready to come back home at the end of the week. For all of the natural beauty and cultural diversity, the never ending stream of interesting, San Francisco can also be a big pain in the ass. Like when you simply need to find a parking space at your local, over-priced grocery store. Pros and cons, but I shutter to think that I may arrive and miss it for all it's worth, and realize that we made a big mistake making our home in Michigan. I hope not.

For now though, it's bag's packed and the plants watered, because California, here we come!


wallace said...

San Francisco here you come.... sure to wear some flowers in your hair!

Judy said...

Your post reminds me so much of all the times we go back to our old "stomping grounds"...I adore Georgetown, love to go back, but each time, it is a little bit different, a little bit less "us". I'd love to move back someday, but it isn't the same, which is good. Then I don't miss it quite as much.

Have a wonderful and exciting trip!

Laura said...

Just wanted to say that it looks, by your pictures, that you guys are having a fab time in San Fran! I can't to read a summary of your trip once you get back. One of these days, we'll venture out that way. I would love for the girls to dip their toes in the Pacific!