Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Think I've Found My Bike Company!

Who want's one?

This is so exciting, an American bicycle company (no crazy international shipping fees), that builds, sleek, beautiful , "Dutch-style" bikes! The Electra Bike Company , out of California makes amazing bicycles. I really like the "Amsterdam" series, especially THIS bike and THIS bike. I see that you can easily add accessories, like skirt guards at an affordable price. There's even a registered dealer a mile away!

A Jorg&Olif is still my dream, and although I found THIS article talking about their new U.S. availability, it's still a bundle with shipping when all is said and done. I like the Tree Hugger article about them HERE. Wait, now I really want one.

Oh well, I'm having so much fun looking at pictures of bikes! Weird.


Jeremy said...

Oh man!

I totally forgot about Electra!

They are another great bike company. I always thought of them as a "rockabilly bike company", and it's been a while since I checked them out, but they have some pretty hip models. You'll definitely get some street cred on one of those.

After checking out their site, I'm tempted to get one, no, two - one for me and one for Aimee!

Judy said...

Have you thought about getting one of those attachments for the back of a bike that looks like a half-bike? Tyler rides his own bike (with training wheels) and I have a bike "cart" that attaches to the back, but he's getting to big for the cart, and I'm not comfortable to put him on the street on his own just yet. It is kind of like making a tandem bike, just the secondary seat is much smaller...

Sarah said...

Can I ask a question? Jorg & Olif are Canadian, not Dutch, right? It's not like we're that far from Canada - 20 minutes - so can you get one @ a dealer in Canada and just bring it home yourself?

Lolo said...

Heck Jeremy, you might as well get one for Logan too! And a teeny tiny one for Connor. You guys would be stylin'.

Hi Judy! Those trail-a-bikes are a really cool idea for sure. I just think, knowing Noah, it would make him frustrated that he could sit and peddle, but not steer. Thanks for the input though!

Sarah- Yes, Jorg&Olif are a Canadian company that puts out "Dutch" bikes in North America. Jon and I talked the other day about going to Ottawa or Toronto (cities J&O listed) to pick one up. Still though, it's $$$. The bike costs a lot, plus the shipping fee to a location in Eastern Canada, plus any import tax we might have to pay, plus gas to drive there. I'm still thinking about it, have to call around.

Laura said...

My mom's been looking for a new bike. Since we're in Colorado, I think she is looking for a street/mountain bike crossover type. She doesn't want a heavy frame but wants it to be able to tackle some off-roading. Any suggestions anyone?

Jeremy said...

Did you get that bike yet?!