Monday, February 04, 2008

Shhhhhhh.......It's a Secret.

I've started a secret, new blog. A place where I can ramble on and rant about conservative politics, religion, the deteriorating state of American society, out of control consumer spending, the dying earth and peanut butter. E-mail me if you want the link. Although, I don't expect you to want to read it. And, I've only posted once, a very shitty post at that. It even has the words "An*l S*x" in it. So just forget it.


Bree said...

No offense, but I'd really like to rip your lovely eyeballs out of your head and put them in my sockets so everyone would think I had the lovliest eyes.
Secret blogs rule.

Lolo said...

That's funny because I'd really like to rip your tiny, little ass off, so everyone would think I had a hot ass.

Yes, I'm quite a fan of your little secret. ;)

Twins-Plus-1 said...

Let me in on the secret please :)

Kendra Lynn said...

Okay...Gorgeous pic...but here's my question, am I allowed the link?


p.s. are you interested in coming to our church dedication service?

lins said...

hey lauren I would like to be in on your little scret if you want me to know sorry to inqwer this on here but I realy need to talk with you. well lolo for the secret blogs rule if I am apart of it I would crack open your sakull and get that smart brain so people would think I was smart LOL. and also go to my blog when you can I had ritten a poem for you to read