Friday, February 01, 2008

It Changed My Life! And My Clothing Too.

I saw the short documentary "The Story of Stuff".... IT CHANGED MY LIFE !!! Changed my life!

For the past several years, for the most part, I have bought the majority of my clothing at Target, to "save money". I like some of the things they have and you can't beat the price. Over the holidays, I received some money and gift certificates to buy clothes with. I hesitated shopping with them because being a stay-at-home-Mom, with a three year old, I didn't feel like I really needed or deserved nice clothes.

Then I saw this documentary and realized that I was actually LOSING money in the long run, and helping to use up raw materials from third world countries by buying "disposable type" clothing. That is, most of the clothing at Target was designed and made to last only about a season. That way, we buy more and more and the items are disposed of.

So, I decided to shop from now on for "pieces" and things that really sing to me! I will only buy items that will last several years and that can cross over seasons for more wear. My degree is apparel and textile design, so it was such a relief to finally allow myself to start buying things that reflect who I am aesthetically.

I know that myself included, many people can't just go out and drop a bunch of money on clothes, and that Target is a great option for clothing. It's not that I won't buy there anymore, I will just be more careful about what I select, making sure each piece is something I will wear often.

Oh, one more thing, if an item is on sale, even better! What follows in this set are a few of my items from Anthropologie, my current favorite store. I want to start slowly collecting from local and independent designers and artists too.

To see my "I love Anthro" set click HERE and please, please, please take twenty minutes to watch "THE STORY OF STUFF", it will change your life too, I promise!


Judy said...

Wow - thanks for posting this, Lauren. It makes me feel better about my 6 year old printer that I refuse to give up and my furniture and "stuff" I don't want or need anymore that I freecycle!

Dutch said...

next step: sewing machine!

or if you're really hardcore (i.e. me) thrift stores only. ha!

Lolo said...


I should only be so lucky, to live my life as hardcore as you! Thrift shops are cool, and actually, I used to sew. But alas, everybody laughed at what I would make, and things turned out lopsided all the time.

Why do you people never write back?

Laura said...

I am forced to admit that I am a consumer of the disposable wardrobe. I have to say though, that I've had most of the clothes in my closet for at least a year, if not longer. There are a few sweaters in there that I've had since college...oh umm...7 years ago! I would love to be able to invest in clothing pieces that actually spoke to me, and I've seen several in stores lately, but I haven't been clothes shopping since before Cara was born. I too, subscribe to the theory that a SAHM doesn't need nice clothes...

Jeremy said...

I actually own a sewing machine (that I use) and I darn my own socks.

Actually, it's pretty sad - the majority of my wardrobe I've had since college, but if something rips, tears or wears out - I usually repair it before I throw it out or give it to the salvation army.