Wednesday, February 06, 2008

HB Ride Spotting: Mercedes B-Class

The Mercedes B-Class has been available in Canada for a while, but supposedly the weak dollar makes it impossible to import to the USA. The possible precursor to policy change, I saw this on I-75 in Auburn Hills this morning on manufacturer plates.

The Mini has proven that small, expensive cars will sell in the US if desirable - but you have to look at this and wonder about the desirability quotient. The B-Class has the looks of a Nissan Versa for twice the money, when there is a attractive, economical competition on the market like the Volvo C30, the Mini Convertible, or even the VW GTI (if you can keep your boot out of it). I think you would have to be really, really be dying to drive a Mercedes to want to drive this.

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