Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year Shmew Year

Happy New year people. What are you doing? I'm just sitting here doing nothing, in a sour mood, feeling blue. Hope you're having more fun than me. I like this, channeling Oscar the grouch. New Years stinks people, it's rotten. Now scram!

Ok, so for the resolutions. They are as follows:

1. take a multivitamin everyday including selenium.
2. drink more water.
3. cut out refined sugar.
4. get on my elliptical at least every other day.
5. find the time and a place to meditate daily.
6. practice yoga more often.
7. kick the depression and anxiety once and for all.
8. never have a panic attack again
9. be alone more often.
10. sell our house and move somewhere larger or with a better layout allowing more privacy.
11. move to a more liberal place.
12. become a psychic.
13. host a podcast or be on the radio.
14. Get my masters degree.
15. Learn to say "No" 95% of the time.
16. go into hiding
17. go snowboarding
18. visit Japan and London
19. get a nose job
20. figure out a way to get Noah to cooperate more often.
21. spend time, just Jon and I
22. volunteer
23. be a committee chair
24. blog more often
25. find a friend who is similar to myself but has no kids or is a gay man.
26. learn to let go.
27. learn to be happy.
28. become a practicing Buddhist.
29. Challenge western, organized religion.
30. go see the Dali Lama.
31. Practice my 日本語
32. become an expert in something.
33. never cut my hair.
34. unplug my phone
35. crawl out of the hole.
36. create, make art.
37. oh yeah, date an art boy.
38. get to hug an orangutan.
39. go back to San Francisco for a visit.
40. Take a trip to NYC.
41. Clean out the basement, the front hall closet, the playroom closet, the bathroom closet, our bedroom closets, the garage and my armoire.
42. wear more high heels.
43. Never let anyone guilt me into eating meat again.
44. get into a fist fight.
45. contact spirits.
46. become involved in the presidential elections.
47. Horseback ride a whole bunch.
48. Stay in bed all day.
49. buy more record albums.
50. Stop making so many resolutions.


Judy said...

Thank goodness for #50, girl! HAHA

Happy new year. Your eyes are beautiful, by the way!

It has been a wonderful year - glad to know you - hugs to Jon and of these days, we're going to find a way to meet up!!!

Twins-Plus-1 said...

Miss you lots. Sorry you are sad. Let me know if I can help in any way even if it is just to make to make you smile :) Not that this helps but we had plans for new year's eve, the whole fam, to meet some friends with their kids for dinner and playtime. So all the kids took naps so they could stay up late. When "G" woke up she had a fever of over 102 degrees, UGH, so Mitch had to stay home with her. The new year sucks so far and this does not give me hope for 2008. Let's be blue together...

Jeremy said...

I'll help you out with #44.

Laura said...

Happy New Year Lauren (and Jon & Noah too)! Good luck with all of those resolutions, there are some interesting ones in there. I'll have to sit down and think about some of my own. If you go to SF, you'd better have a layover in Denver. :)

Lins said...

hey Jon and Lauren I hope your new year was a good one. and yes this is Me Lindsay taylor. and the posting is my blog page so go to it anytime. Lins.