Sunday, December 23, 2007


Yesterday we went down to Toledo for a late Chanukah meal with my parents and my grandmother, because we were snowed-in last Sunday. I took home some of these potato latkes my dad made, which are different stylistically from the ones my grandmother (his mom) make but are still delicious. She uses solid Crisco, he uses liquid Canola, she uses an aluminum pan that pre-dates the LA Dodgers, he uses something that looks like a wok, and hers are a lot thinner. Both are great, you just get two distinct experiences. I like mine as hot as I can stand it with just a little salt, but sour cream and applesauce are also traditional accompaniments.

You would think that leftover fried potatoes would be a greasy disaster, but these are actually as good (maybe better) on the second day, provided you rewarm them correctly. The key is a hot oven (350), a paper towel under them to absorb any oil, and enough cooking time to make them crispy again. I take them out when the fat inside is boiling on the surface, and blot the top a little to soak up extra grease. This is not health food. Keep an eye on them to make sure the paper towel does not ignite. No problems so far, but better to err on the side of caution. I can eat seven or eight of these at a sitting, but if your system is not used to eating this way start with a couple and work up to a respectable number.

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