Monday, November 05, 2007

Like.... DUH Mom!

This is a little embarrassing for me. One of us isn't making it onto Jeopardy any time soon..
Noah and I like to play a little game we made up. We take turns quizzing each other on random topics... animals, vehicles, food, etc. This morning I asked him a question about trains and then it was Noah's turn to ask me a question........

Noah: Mom, what tool starts with the letter W ?
Me: (insert early morning dumb founded silence.) um....uh..... I'm thinking....hold on...uh..
Noah: (getting impatient by my apparent stupidity.) Mom, it's wrench! (If he knew the word "duh" he'd say it here.)
Lauren: Oh my God. I knew that. (yeah right.)

This can't be good.

*By the way, I fully realize that most of you don't care about this mindless minutia and baby babble, but this blog is a way for us to chronicle our lives. One day, years from now, we'll look back at How Bourgeois and remember all of these things, interesting or not. So thanks for bearing with me. ;)


TWINS-PLUS-1 said...

OK, I love reading about your everyday lives...keep it coming.

Judy said...

The little daily things are what make life great. Keep it up.

And don't you just LOVE when your 2-3 year old shows you up? Gah. I guess that's where all my brain cells went when I was pregnant!

Laura said...

I, too, love reading about the little quips and such of your daily life...

I've said it once and I'll say it again...Noah amazes me! How did he know that wrench starts with "W"? So smart for a little guy. Can he come and tutor Caitlin?