Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Laser Lips Mama

I love you NPR.
My top 10 programs:

10. Whatd' Ya Know
9. Wait...Wait..Don't Tell Me!
8. Market Place
7. All Things Considered
6. Talk of the Nation-Science Friday with Ira Flatow
5. The Diane Rehm Show
4. The Splendid Table - Wouldn't it be great if we could all be Jane and Michael Stern?
3. Car Talk
2. Fresh Air With Terry Gross
1. This American Life

And one I can't stand!
A Prairie Home Companion
Garrison just needs to stop singing all those slow, dopey songs. I liked his old Lake Wobegon stories.

Here is a secret, ever since I was a little girl, I've wanted my own radio show. I used to spend hours in my room with a little hot pink boom box and a mic, recording "shows". Around ten, they started calling me "Laser Lips Mama" after my radio show persona. I was a woman who could talk! Someday I'll be on air...someday....


Jeremy said...

"All Things Considered" is my favorite show, followed by "This American Life".

I love NPR - but of course I would, because I'm a liberal wacko. Or that's what people say when I tell them I listen to NPR. Everyone else tells me I'm pretentious because I listen to NPR.

Hey, is it my fault that I'm a better person than they are?

Lauren said...

It's not our fault Jeremy, it's not.

Jeremy said...

I liked your response before you edited it.

Why you gotta censor yourself?


Lauren said...

Hey Jeremy, I know! Trust me, I liked it better too. Jon thought it sounded snotty or something. One thing that is difficult about sharing a blog is that you can't always say what you want.

Jeremy said...

You both need your own blogs.