Sunday, October 21, 2007

Run Al, Run!

Ok, That's it. I'm so disgusted after reading this article on the Huffington Post:

"Obama Should Repudiate and Cancel His Gay Bash Tour, and Do It Now"

I wasn't 100% sure who would get my vote next year, Obama or Clinton, but now, after reading this, it's going to Hillary, I guess...... We need an open minded president who is a believer in rational thought. The sad thing is, this candidate doesn't exist, at least not one that is realistically electable. I wish Gore would run. This country is a melting pot, and we need a non-biased, non-religious president who cares about upholding our undeniable freedoms. That's what this country was founded on! It was a sanctuary from religious persecution, a place where people could be themselves and feel safe doing it.

I'm sick of this, I'm just sick and tired of having religiously based laws imposed on me and our entire nation. Look, I don't subscribe to your evangelical religion, and just because you think gays don't deserve the right to be married because "your" bible says so, doesn't mean you have the right to impose that on us all. How dare you? What business is it of yours, what people do in their personal lives? It's sickening. Gay marriage is just the first of a long string of issues. Politics and religion do not mix.

The most upsetting part in all of this is that gay men and woman are just like you and I. They are living, breathing, loving people who deserve the human dignity and compassion that everyone else does on this planet. For our government to group them and treat them as second-class citizens is disgusting, unethical and without the grace of any God.

Urgggg! Can you feel my passionate anger through the computer screen?

So, this is what I was thinking yesterday while doing our grocery shopping; America is such a mess and so are Americans (myself not excluded). We really messed this one up. Here is a great country, with so many wonderful resources and luxuries, so much opportunity and potential. I appreciate every second of it and I am thankful to have been born an American. But with so much abundance, we also end losing sight of what's truly important, like what this country was founded on: PERSONAL freedom. We lose sight of these things and the country veers away from our founding principles. We need to think more about the direction that this country is going, rather than the next pair of jeans we're going to buy.*

*And if you don't like that, then you have the personal freedom to not read this post again.


Judy said...

Politics should be spelled pltc so we can call it a four-letter word. Nothing sickens me more than the politicians we have these days. The "good" guys are never heard from because they are beaten down by the rich, powerful and screwed up ones.

Scott's a poli sci major, and then he got as far away from public service as he could get. It really soured him to the way things are today.

Garrett said...

What about the religiously based law of "thou shall not kill?" Do we abolish that too in the name of personal freedom? I don't mean to antagonize and we both know I'm the farthest thing from a bible thumper but where do we draw the line?

Jonathan said...

The rationale for the prohibition on murder is that it makes sense with or without religion, which is why it was a taboo long before it was ever codified in religious law or civil code. The line on how to legislate has to be based on common sense, not appealing to a specific base.

Garrett said...

You make a very good argument but lets think about this in terms of the original gay marriage point. First, I would like to look at your common sense approach. Wouldn't it be common sense for a man and a woman to get married? This is a amazingly complex issue with no clear answers in my view. I think everyone is going to define marriage in different terms. Did "marriage" originate as a religious or civil act?

Jonathan said...

Hey, if it were about common sense, would anybody get married? Run Garrett, Run!

Seriously, I could not tell you if marriage was originally formalized in civil or religious, ceremonies, but it is interesting that in both gay and straight relationships "couple" seems to be the preferred long-term arrangement. It would imply that humans are going to pair off whether institutionalized or not.

Garrett said...

I couldn't agree more. All the history I could find told me people are going to pair off regardless of how you refer to the pairing off. I think the whole issue is largely a semantics debate. I love the debate and thought the post created and your experienced advice!

Laura said...

I wish Al Gore would run too. I'm so sick of the wishy-washy-ness with the majority of the candidates currently running. They have totally lost sight on what's important, I agree with you Lauren, and are focused on fighting petty battles.

Jeremy said...

I cannot wait until I turn 35. I am still planning on my run for President in 2016 (the first election I would be eligible to run in).

I think we need a "People's President" - someone who hasn't come from a lifestyle of privilege and has a skewed outlook on life.

Anyone want to be my campaign manager?

Jonathan said...

In "Dude, Where's My Country" Michael Moore suggested running Oprah in 2004, and I think he was on to something. I think she could be a great candidate.

Kendra Lynn said...

America is definitly a screwed up country. I think we spend too much time judging other people and not enough time examining ourselves.