Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Noah and I talk Politics

Noah and I talk Politics from How Bourgeois on Vimeo.

Noah has an American presidents place mat that he used to like. I decided to pull it back out and play around today. The camera's batteries ran out suddenly, but shortly after he said: "My favorite is Bill Clinton, he's a democrat!" Which was quite amusing to me. I'm not for pushing your child to learn all day, everyday, but Noah seems to enjoy the odd challenge once in a while and hey, it's fun!


Judy said...

Lauren, this is THE CUTEST thing I have seen in a long while! LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

I wish I still got M&M's when I did my job right...
I can't wait to teach Noah how philosophically vacuous both the republicrats and democans are! And how most Americans don't really like either party's modern platform and continue to vote for one or the other because they feel an independent vote is a wasted vote. I don't know which bothers me more -- leaders devoid of original ideas or an apathetic public. ...or should Uncle P let him get jaded on his own??

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, Happy Halloween!!!
I hope our little Care Bear is getting the goods!
Uncle P will be coming over to inspect the haul... :p