Monday, September 17, 2007

Can you go home again?

Here I am in front of the house Lauren and I rented on 25th Avenue in the Sunset. I had genuinely forgotten how depressing all of the clouds and fog are. I loved living here though, maybe we'll get to again someday. Time to really get serious about the lottery, this place is worth about three Detroit houses.

This is where we used to borrow books.

This is where we used to buy coffee, and in fact I loaded up while we were there. Alvin's has the best coffee in the country, and Alvin roasts it himself.

Here's the Pacific Ocean, about a mile and a half west of our house. It really is as gray as these pictures most of the time.


LionAndMagicBoy said...

SF is #2 on my list of cities I would move to in a heartbeat. You captured the essence of what I love about it (even the grey!) in just those few photos.

Jonathan said...

Thank you so much, that is a really nice sentiment.

Randy said...

hey there, it's Lauren's cousin Randy.

When i moved away from SF in 2004 for a gig in LA, I thought I'd never make it back due to rent control and rents that never stop rising.

However, 2 yrs later I got a sweeter gig and I am back -- still renting, though, but saving every penny for something to own.