Sunday, August 19, 2007

What's in Your Bag?

A while back I joined a group on Flickr called: "What's In Your Bag?". It's a fun forum where people submit photos of the contents of their bags. Kind of a little glimpse into the private lives of others. I've been meaning to submit a photo of my bag for some time, so without much ado, HERE you go. Now, I just want to know....What's in your bag!?


Judy said...

That's like an ADULT bag! You can carry an ADULT bag??? I'm shouldering a tote with happy meal toys, wipes, pull ups, candy, a sippy cup from two weeks ago and MAYBE my wallet, if I'm lucky.

And you have an ADULT bag!

Lauren said...

Ha! That's funny Judy. Actually, I also have a toddler-diaper-bag-ish bag, but I thought this bag was more interesting. When I'm out with Noah, I take the mini diaper bag and when it's just me, I take and ADULT bag. My diaper bag has like, year old goldfish crackers swimming in the bottom. :)

Laura said...

I need a new diaper bag. I'm loving the Eddie Bauer Mini-bag. Small yet roomy. Current diaper bag has a bunch of's anyone's guess. my "purse"a leather grain that I got a'll find--
Almond Lip Butter from the Body Shop,
Wet Your Whistle chap stick from Bath & Body Works, Shout Wipes, sanitary products, Kleenex, thumb drive, car/house keys, Orbit Mint Mojito gum, my wallet and receipts.

BTW, I went to the Flickr group and had fun seeing what others put in their bags. I think, I need a bigger bag