Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"run from the vermillion sunset: one huge tomato's true story"

The largest tomato I have ever grown! Tough to tell from the picture, but it is well over a pound.

It's ultimate fate: a tomato and feta salad.


Judy said...

Heeeeeyyyy...where's the recall post about Mattel?

I saw you mention Upton Sinclair (see? All these deleted posts show up on RSS feeders...strange, eh?). I just LOVE The Jungle.

Did Mattel announce another recall?

And, NICE tomato. Mine aren't even close to that size, not even my canteloupes!

Jonathan said...

I'm reworking it, I'll have to repost it. They did announce another recall.

This tomato was some kind of tasty, tasty freak.