Thursday, August 09, 2007

Remainders (click to enlarge)

A couple of thoughts from the dollar bin that I don't know how to file:

a. If there is something stranger first thing in the morning than the Wiggles singing "Hava Nagilah" on a beach with some Dutch pirates, I haven't found it:

b. While Lauren was shopping for Bento supplies this week, I got Crunky:

c. How good does this toast look? Pretty good, right?

d. Again, pretty cool stuff at Mirai, but takes a half hour to get to Novi...

e. Finally, I spend an hour yesterday at the Arizona Saddlery in downtown Rochester, for work no less. We're working on a super-secret cowboy-style project, and we needed some Western samples. I took a self portrait with my new belt, check it out! Hand tooled, y'all!

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