Thursday, August 02, 2007


It kind of hit me today that I regret sending my birthday gift, the Cannon Rebel back. I have to get over these "I'm not worthy" feelings that have plagued me as of late. I would have been nice to use. Not a big deal though . Actually, it was a big deal, Jon found it on Amazon for a crazy % off! I just felt that some stay-at-home Mom as myself, taking pictures of her child, did not need such a nice camera. I regret not keeping it.

Also, I am really really wanting to get my hair cut. This is only because the ends are so fried. I learned my lesson last year that I don't like myself with short hair. I've been scared to get a trim because my hair now grows so slowly. Some long layers would be nice. Ok, Maybe soon.

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Judy said...

So if you don't have the Rebel, what are you using?

I've given up my "I don't need it" mantra and traded it in for the "heck yeah, I'm getting it, and you can't stop me" camp. Not only did I pick up a new laptop yesterday, but I made the background a beachy scene and my color scheme for all my windows etc is PINK! Hee hee!

And, now the patio is to be installed, again, mine. No input from Scott. I've suffered for 15 years of this marriage, holding back and making do so that we could get to now, when I hit my mid-life crisis at 38 and have to get everything NOW! And make it pink, darnit!