Saturday, August 11, 2007

Holiday Mini-Break; Day 2.

Oh if only everyday could be a holiday mini-break weekend! Today was even more fun than yesterday and I can positively say that we have never had such a full and busy day. It was great. We started with a bagel brunch and headed for Domino's Petting Farm. Noah fell asleep in the car so we just took a drive around Ann Arbor. We found ourselves in Kerrytown again, right by Zingerman's Deli, so Jon ran in for one of their summer fling mini coffee cakes which we meant to buy last time but forgot to. It's coconut and lime, yum! (Note: it wasn't $27, they don't have the mini size online. I mean, just fyi.) After a while Noah was up and we headed for the Petting Farm. It was wonderful! Such a nice place. I haven't been since I was a little girl. The barn was full of animals, even a baby calf born just this morning. I fell in love with the sweetest, most loving 750lb. gentle giant named "Big Pig". I just loved her. Now I'm begging Jon for a mini pot bellied pig. No dog for me, I'd love a pig. You know, they are much much more intelligent than we give them credit for and opposed to popular belief, when domesticated, they are very clean animals. Loving and affectionate too and they don't shed! Noah adored having his first ride on a horse. The horse's name was "Rowdy", and as she started walking, Noah gave a gleeful and honest "Yee Haw!" As they rounded the first turn I heard him proclaim to Jon with such excitement; "Daddy, I'm a cowboy now!" After horseback riding, Noah moved on to what seemed to be his favorite moment on the farm; pretending to drive a real tractor. It was pretty cute. After the farm Jon and I decided to head towards downtown Detroit. We've been wanting to get down there to see the new Riverwalk for a couple months and are so glad we finally made time! I can't even tell you how beautiful and wonderful and amazing it was to see downtown vibrant, clean and teaming with people. This was not the downtown of my youth, it wasn't even like this five years ago when Jon worked in the Ren Cen. What a great job everyone has done. To be surrounded by people of all races, from every walk of life, it was just the best feeling ever. There was an interesting festival going on in Heart Plaza full of music, and the beautiful Riverwalk along the Detroit River, with it's excellent splash fountain to run through. That's just what Noah did with a huge smile on his face, run and run and run through that water. Next we took a ride on the People Mover, which was nothing but fun. Finally Jon drove us around a bit, we went by Lafayette Park, which I've wanted to see for a while. Such an idyllic place, right in the midst of downtown! The holiday mini-break day 2. ended with dinner on the patio at Como's in Ferndale. Very fun. We're all beat, Noah and Jon are asleep and I'm already looking forward to tomorrow's adventures!


Laura said...

It's good to see Detroit coming back. You know, one of the urban developers on the planning team for the revitalization was the #1 guy behind the development of LoDo in Denver. Brilliant man.
I remember, as a teen, having a bodyguard to go to a concert once and another time, seeing lots of police at every stop on the People Mover on the way to a NKOTB concert. I'm glad that's it's no longer going to be a scary place to be.
I just love the Riverwalk. Hopefully, the next time we're in MI, we'll have time to visit it and the RenCen. Gotta eat in the revolving restaurant again for old times' sake.

Jonathan said...

It stopped revolving! When they remodeled The Summit into Coach Insignia they turned off the rotation. Kind of sad, because The Summit was cheesy but had this wonderful "eating dinner in the 1970s" feel to it, but perhaps its moment has passed. I guess not getting nauseous is a plus, but the downside is you only get one view.

I had dinner last November at the "Top of the World" restaurant in the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, which is pretty amazing because you can eat a steak while you're rotating 800 feet above Las Vegas. I totally almost threw up, you basically just pick a point on the horizon to avoid the motion-sickness. It's awesome.

Laura said...

Wow, that's really sad. The last time I was up there was probably the late 80's. I dislike it when childhood memories change. But yes, I suppose not having to worry about motion sickness is a plus.

I've always wanted to go to Vegas and now that we're not too far away, we just might have to go so that I can relive the revolving restaurant memory. Though, the view will certainly be much different.

Judy said...

Oh my goodness, you guys look like you had an AWESOME weekend! And Noah is such a big guy - what happened to that little baby from 2.5 years ago????

Loved seeing the fun - thanks for sharing!

Kendra Lynn said...

Oh man! I wanna go to Dominos!
That looks like a blast.
I miss you. :(