Monday, August 27, 2007

Bend it Like Noah

You guys, he's good. No, seriously, he's really good. We had no idea Noah could move a soccer ball like that. I've taught a four year old soccer class before, I think Noah could hold his own with the big boys. It was funny, he found a little soccer ball that belonged to my parent's dogs and just started kicking it all over the yard with such foot control. I never want to be one of those parents that really pushes their kid into specific things, whether it be a sport, art, music, etc... but if he likes something and has fun, than I'm all for it! So today I picked up for Noah, his own little soccer ball and a few cones. It's kind of neat and I just loved singing "Go Noah Go!" for him as he runs around laughing and kicking that ball.

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Laura said...

You have the next David Beckham and I have the next Mia Hamm. Caitlin is quite skilled with the soccer ball too. Kids this age sometimes have the most amazing skill and coordination. I swear, with Caitlin, she must've got it from my brothers because I'm just about the world's biggest klutz.
Have fun with Noah and who knows, pee wee soccer might be in his future. There's nothing cuter than a bunch of little guys making a beeline and following the ball across the field.