Friday, May 04, 2007

MIKE WENDLAND: Michigan is snake species' favorite locale, but don't be rattled

Worth reading for the reader comments.


Jeremy said...

I love reading the freep online because of the user comments. There always seems to be no middle ground, everyone is always far right or far left, which of course results in some of the best arguments!

Kendra Lynn said...

Ah...wonderful...thank goodness I don't live in a new subdivision.
I hate snakes...ask anyone that knows me...I am totally NOT a snake person...but then...there are my two darling little princesses. Guess what? They LOVE snakes!
NO...we do NOT have any snakes in our house...will we in the future?
Now to teach my lovely ones not to ever touch a rattler.


Jennifer said...

Ah the user comment message boards. It's always the black people's fault, the union's fault, "two penny jenny's" fault, your mom's fault, the left coast liberals' fault, the fault of the hot fudge on your sundae, etc. I sent the Free Press an email BEGGING them to let comments appearing on each article page an option, so that readers are not subjected to the insane-os, unless by choice.