Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Now I'm Trying a Brand New Flavor

We haven't posted in a while, because we've been really busy. In the last couple of weeks:

- We built a swingset and a gated arbor in the back yard (mucho credit to my brother in law Jeff for this. He can visualize an arbor in his head, and then BANG! There's an arbor!)

- I watched the entire 2-DVD first season of "Maude"

- Lauren beat the first three levels of "Yoshi's Island" on her DS

- I spent most of last week in Florida at a conference (maybe more on that maybe)

So there hasn't been a lot of time to write for either of us. I was just in my colleague Mark's office though, and we were talking about Bluetooth headsets for a press event we're going to, and he made an offhand comment about something or other being 'bonkers.' I immediately flashed back to watching cartoons as a little kid and seeing those Bonkers commercials where the giant fruit falls on the old lady, and I thought, "Youtube!" And they were there, in all of their weird, hostile glory. Let is take you back.....


Judy said...

Mmmm...Bonkers - that takes me back!

Being busy isn't necessarily a bad thing...you should take pictures of the backyard and let us all revel in your talents!

Laura said...

I saw the pictures of the arbor and swing set on Flickr, looks awesome you guys!
Bonkers, yummy! I remember riding my bike to the party store to get some. Boy, we are really aging ourselves here!

Judy said...

Okay, just looked at the Flickr pics - yeah, those swing sets need a big yellow sticker that say, WARNING - ALLOW 5 DAYS FOR ASSEMBLY AND RECOVERY!!!!!

Noah is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. I love the pictures at the (I'm going to butcher it) Shabbat??? And, the ice cream pictures are classic.

Tyler took one look at Noah on that jeep and he is TOTALLY jealous now. All I hear is "Where MY jeep, Mommy? I have one too??"

Jeremy said...

Great job on the playset!

Those are a total pain in the keister to put together, but it looks fantastic!

Kendra Lynn said...

BONKERS! Man! I loved that candy...and the commercials were great, too.
Lauren, I love you...thanks for the comment about Chloe-dog.
I miss you...and YES. I want to get together as soon as the girls are out of school.
The Detroit Zoo is calling.