Tuesday, April 03, 2007

HB Ride Spotting: 2009 Dodge Crossover

This is the as-yet-unnmamed 2009 Dodge crossover. It's not the first picture on the web, or even the best picture on the web, it's just a gratuitous spy shot. I really need to see something fun on the road (only about 150 days to the Dream Cruise!), these camouflaged minivans and SUVs are getting old already. My new commute has me riding home with a lot of DCX employees, but lately they just haven't been driving anything very interesting.

Case in point: This isn't any better, so don't get your hopes up: I saw a Dodge truck, they're testing a new engine, or something. Note crazy huge tailpipe. Whee.

Note to Chrysler: How about testing a candy-flake Viper-powered Pacifica, or a DUB-edition Jeep Compass, or even an SRT Sprinter Van? I'll be out there, so give me something to work with.
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