Tuesday, April 17, 2007


On the way home from the PBR, I stopped at Hunter House for dinner. What can you say about this meal? Every six months or so, you need it. I can't eat this way often, but when I do I try to make it worth it.

Hunter House has great sliders because the onions are so terrific. The fries are good too. While I was waiting for my order, I was looking at the menu behind the counter, and I saw you can get a grilled sweet roll for breakfast, which sounds amazing. If sweet rolls are good, and grilling things is good, putting them together is a natural.

One thing I wonder about - I put a nice tip in the tip cup, but no one saw me do it. I left thinking, "I hope they don't think I stiffed them on the tip since they didn't see it happen." It's a tree falling in the forest - if the person taking your order doesn't see the tip, did it ever happen? This is not the first time the thought has crossed my mind, and I can't be alone here. Do unseen tips count? Karmically sure, but can you show your face again?
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Judy said...

That looks like a little burger to me - is that what a slider is? I lead such a sheltered life!

Anonymous said...

Like many of the mundane yet important things in life, the situational comedy Popular in the America in the 1990's, Seinfeld, has covered this very topic.
George (the loveable and kharmically challenged best friend of Jerry Seinfeld) went to a deli, paid for his order and left a tip in the tip jar. Though he left the tip, the gentleman serving him at the counter had turned away right before George went to put the tip in. Then, he shot George a disgusted look as he left.
George didn't want the deli gentleman to think ill of him, especially since he did the right thing, so he went again to the deli the next day.
Pulling out a small wad of singles to deposit in the tip jar, the man again turned away just as he started reaching for and depositing the generous tip.
George decided that he MUST receive acknowlegement or he would again be given another dirty look reached in to grab back his tip in order to re-tip when the gentleman would be aware of the generous tippage.
As you might have guessed, the gentleman turned back right as George was pulling the money out of the tip jar.
yadda yadda yadda...
George was banned from the restaraunt.

Jon, here's what I do. I either:
1) make sure it makes a loud noise as I deposit,
2) immediately deposit the change into the tip jar as it is given to me,
3) wait until I am given the food or coffee before I tip, if appropriate, or
4) grab the tip jar and run

Anything outside of these 4 methods might lead to a misunderstanding and yadda yadda yadda.

Tune in next week as I discuss do's and don't's of parking garage mis-adventures.

Hong Kong Paul

Jeremy said...

Hunter House is my favorite slider joint!

However, sometimes, bad things can happen.

Jonathan said...

Jeremy - plenty of other bad things as well, but I would say that you guys covered those effects already pretty well in the comments for the pipe bladder.

Paul - Of course, I should have known a sitcom would have had this covered a long time ago.

Kendra Lynn said...

That looks like a delicious slider.
I'm not big on the traditional "slider" with onions, but minus the onions, and those are some awesome burgers!
And the fries...oh man...I'm hungry.


Jeremy said...

Yeah, sorry it went there Jon.

Ironically, Hunter House doesn't have that effect on me, but White Castle does. Weird, huh?

BTW - all this talk of Hunter House has me hungry. I think I'm going there for lunch today!