Friday, March 16, 2007


Spring is a week off, not that you'd know it from the frigid 28 degree morning that greeted us today, but it does mean that decent produce (not counting the door to door kind) will soon be available. I'm not partial to the avocados we get during the winter in Michigan, so I eat most of my guacamole in the summer when the California ones are readily available. We did get a good (if small) organic one delivered last week though, and there were a couple of nice big ripe ones at Meijer, so I present to you 1/3 organic guacamole, which was pretty tasty. You can read my recipe here.


Laura said...

Oh yum! Avacados are big out here and we can get good ones just about year round locally. I love me some good gauc with organic blue corn chips!

Laura said...

BTW, sure signs of spring here. It has been in the 70s or pretty darn close for about a week now. Of course, we get some of our worse snow in spring...just not this year, please! It's been a harsh winter and I'm ready for it to be over!