Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tigers, Mud Hens extend affiliation

It's tough to be a fan of Triple A baseball, because whenever someone is remotely good they get called up by their Major League Affiliate. Billy Beane, Billy Bean, Kirby Puckett, Casey Stengal...we've seen 'em all come and go. It's the nature of the game, but you'd better love the idea of the Mud Hens, because there's no point in getting too attached to the players.

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Judy said...

Oh I am such a fan of minor league ball. We have a team in San Antonio - the Missions - that are affiliated with the mariners. Then, an hour away are the Round Rock Express (Astros affiliate) and two hours away are the Corpus Christi Hooks (Astros affiliate). You can bet that we get tons of baseballing going on in the Spring and Summer. Minor League parks just seem so much more personable and the givaways are usually fantastic!