Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Because I Love Yuko San so Much.....

Great news! Noah just got his first "A Bathing Ape" or "BAPE" piece of clothing! SWEEEEET!
I personally want to check out A Bathing Ape's hair salon; "Bape Cuts".
Check their story HERE in English that actually makes sense!
Bape rules.


Laura said...

Cute! Loving the shark hoodie. Makes us seem so behind the times out here in CO. In some ways, it seems to take longer for the "in" stuff to get to us.

Lauren said...

Hi Laura!!!

I can't quite seem to get my comment right. I just wanted to say that Noah's sweatshirt came from my Dad when he was in China, so it's probably just a "Fape" anyway. :) I put this post up because I think the name is so funny and I was telling my friend Yuko about it. I don't think "Bape" has made it to MI. either...that Bape, a mysterious thing! I just knew about it when I loved all things Japanese and/or hip hop in college.

Anyway..thanks for the comment. How much snow do you guys have? We've gotten some, but nothing compared to Co. Keep warm!

Laura said...

Hey Lauren. Your dad brings back the coolest gifts from his travels then. :)
Let's see, this year, we've had over 2 feet of snow, which is very unusual for us 'cause we're in the semi arid part of Colorado. We got a little over an inch yesterday to add to stuff. In Denver, they were supposed to get anothe 2-4 inches and bitter cold. The snow from that big storm still hadn't melted when I visited a couple of weeks ago. It just hasn't been that warm.