Tuesday, November 07, 2006

SEMA Pictures

I'm going to sidetrack us from fixing Detroit for a second. I'm finally getting a chance to post some of the pictures from my trip to the SEMA show in Las Vegas last week. It's the big show for the aftermarket automotive industry, and it's four days of car overload. If you fly from Detroit to LV during that week every year, 90% of the people on the plane are going to the show. Both of the other people in my aisle were car execs on their way to SEMA (Ford and Bentley).

Anyway, here were a few of my favorites from the show, and I have a few more for later.

This is like four different cars welded together to make the most bizarre El Camino ever. Marvelous.

Phenomenal Riviera.

A low-rider Citroen! Totally original, and extremely gorgeous. I would make this my daily driver.

Million dollar car, baby. Hope you were on the waiting list, there aren't any more of these.

Whoosh. King of the Dream Cruise right here.

This used to be a Hummer H2. If they came like this from the factory, I would totally try to wrangle the employee lease.

Next time you see me, I will be passing you on 696 in the middle of the night at about 140. Ciao.


lifeindaburbs said...

what kind of car is that? (last car pic, charcoal colored coupe)
that looks pretty intense.

sleepbree said...

Imagine how many times you would scrape the bottom of that H2 going up the driveway. Ha!

Judy said...

Even I can get excited about cars when they look like that!

Toby said...

YES, I would love to know what kind of car the last one is. Even when it stands still, it looks like it is speeding down the highway at 200 mph. :D I've also been looking at pictures here (http://sema.carcrazycentral.com/Albums.aspx) if you wanted to check out more cars!

Jonathan said...

That last car is a Mercedes S550 that's had two doors removed.

lifeindaburbs said...

"Mercedes S550 without 2 doors. I like."