Thursday, November 16, 2006

730 Days

730 days
of you Noah
each one trying,stressful
The days that have bright spots, those spots come from you
Your carefree skip, your smile, the first "I love you Mama" that made even my heart melt
They say the best things in life never come easy, you are my challenge
you came to me for a reason

730 days
of you Noah
each one loud,hectic
The days that have lessons learned, those lessons I learned from you
Your unconditional hug, you live for the moment, knowing what you want that puts my indecision to shame
They say live and learn, you are my teacher
You came to me because I needed you

730 days
of you Noah
each one a bit overwhelming,flying by
The days that I live in the now, those poignant times come from you
Your ability to make me stop, make me think, make me breath. Your reasoning, your voice is heard
They say stop and smell the roses, you are my favorite flower
You came to me and now my life is that much sweeter

730 days
of thanking
and loving you Noah


Bree said...

Isn't it sweet? Happy birthday to your little man.
Sometimes it's hard to look at the big picture when there are all of these distractions they give to us. But the big picture is overwhelmingly amazing.

Judy said...

AW!!!! Happy Birthday, buddy Noah! We're going to play with bubbles in the backyard this afternoon and think of you!!!

Laura said...

What a sweet post! I can hardly believe that Noah is already two! I have enjoyed watching him grow threw your blog...he is such of a cutie pootie. Give him a hug from me & I hope to be able to meet him in person some day.