Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Slowly but Surely...........but Maybe a Little too Slowly..

Well, I've lost 21 pounds now. It's really nice not to feel like a total blob, but I have a way to go until I'm at my ideal weight. Right now though, I'm just below what I weighed at my wedding which is cool. At first the weight came off at a pretty quick and steady pace, but now I'm not what you would call "exactly" counting up my Weight Watchers points each day. I'll wrangle it in, it's quite easy to follow and can be fun. As for exercise, my plan was to workout the three mornings Noah is in school. While I have been going when I can, there always seem to be pressing errands to get done during those short two hours or so. I'd much rather be working out, trust me, I like it! Things just have to get done though (ie. groceries, bank..) and these days Noah seems to have an aversion to shopping carts. So that's the update folks. See you in another 10 lbs.!

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Kendra Lynn said...

You look awesome!!!
I love you...and your hair looks great, too!