Thursday, October 26, 2006

How Bourgeois: Bad News

Hi there. I've decided to end my sabbatical, but not for a reason I had hoped to. We received an email from one of the owners of Izzy's Bistro, where we had some massive cake last year. Sadly, his restaurant had burned to the ground on Monday. Here's the Detroit News article:

Fire that destroyed Izzy's Bistro is probed

Investigators on Monday were trying to determine what caused a popular downtown restaurant to burn to the ground in an early morning fire. Izzy's Bistro was destroyed after flames engulfed it about 2 a.m. Monday. Firefighters from Chesterfield, Ira and Lenox townships were called in to help New Baltimore firefighters, but the building burned to the ground. No adjacent businesses were affected, city officials said.

This is really too bad. The cake was great (and you really should look at the pictures in the initial post), but it's awful that a business and a livlihood were affected so greatly. Luckily, no one was hurt.


Laura said...

Aww dude, that just stinks! I was going to tell my dad to go there with a couple of old friends while he was in the area. Crud. I hope they figure out what caused the fire and that the owner decides to rebuild.

Jeremy said...

I really cannot express how upset I was to find out that my hands-down favorite restaurant had burned down.

Aimee and I used to go there almost weekly, for dinner, dessert, whatever, it was a great place with great food.

I'm going to miss it because when I would take my motorcycle down around the bay, I would always make sure I stopped in for some coffee and cake before heading home. It was sort of my little place to escape.

I hope they rebuild or relocate, because it was a great little place.