Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Few From the Last Couple of Weeks

Here are just some of the photos I have taken in the last two weeks. Bree, Jack and Aidan came over one day. I watched Jack and Aidan while their parents were at a wedding in town. Brianne and I have been friends since High School! Cuties, huh?

I also posted THE best action shot I have ever taken. It's of Noah squirting the adorable Nolan with water from the drinking fountain in the park. Erich, Nolan's equally adorable and lovable little brother was smart to stay away from Noah's rath.

To see more pictures from my flickr account (2,244 to be exact), click HERE or simply click on my Flickr badge on the right side of this page!


Kendra Lynn said...

Cute cute pics!


Bree said...

Oh I am in LOVE with the water fountain one! Thanks again for taking such good care of my little men!

Judy said...

That water fountain pic is the BEST! Will you come here and take some great photos of my boys? I can never capture these moments!!!

Laura said...

Loving the water fountain picture! I've said it once and I'll say it again, Noah is so darn cute!