Thursday, October 26, 2006


Tonight I had to go to the mall to ogle the new red suede Puma Ferrari driving shoes and buy some brown fountain pen cartriges (Hey, it's "How Bourgeois." You want deep all the time, read "Commentary").

While Lauren was in a store I stopped to sit down and check my messages, and have a coffee. I only had a few minutes, so I ordered an espresso from the little Nordstrom coffee counter, and you know what? Hands down the best espresso I've had in Detroit. Weird but true, one of those unexpected little surprises that make your day. Highly recommended.

Quick aside: top of 7th, Guillen just stole 2nd, 3-2 Tigers. Things happening. Update: Well, I got that pretty wrong, huh?

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Judy said...

Oh, that game was painful to watch. I am so rooting for the Tigers. Don't get me wrong, to have the National League win the series would be great any other time, but NOT ST. LOUIS. LaRussa makes my skin crawl.