Sunday, September 17, 2006



Can't you just hear me? "Sigh". Oh there goes sighing Lauren again. Complaining about this and that and just generally feeling sorry for herself. I know, yuck, no fun.

At least I know when I'm being a downer and have the decency not to put your ears through my depressing diatribes. Well, save for Sarah who I always seem to unload on. Sorry Sarah.

A number of our friends have asked us why the blog hasn't been updated lately. Isn't modern life amazing? Before, people would say "Nanook hasn't been around to our yurt lately, I wonder how he is?" Then they worried if you didn't write or call and then e-mail. Now when you stop blogging they inquire.

Every time I have started a post, it just sounded negative. Parenting hasn't been the most fun lately and I'm a bit burnt out and lost at the moment. I'm doing a little soul searching, trying to be creative again and most days working to see the postive sides of things. But to spare you of my complaining, I just haven't blogged.

I'd like to start blogging again though and I have some pictures and stories from the past month, so do stay tuned. I also went through a bunch of old photos that I had taken about five years ago and parked on zip disks and forgot about.

So, thank you for your inquiries, I'll try to stop sighing now and start posting.


Kendra Lynn said...

Oh I'm so glad!
I have missed you!!!
I even called your cell, hoping to catch you near it.
I've been down a bit lately as well...we need to catch up.

I love you so much.


twinsplus1 said...

Oh Lauren...Just know that I am always here to listen and give any advice if that is what you need. I know you have done that for me so many times in the past...


Lauren said...

Hey, thanks guys!!!

Kendra, I'm so sorry I missed your call. I've been meaning to call you. Sorry, I'm such a bad phone person. Hope you and the girls are good. I miss you guys too! Talk soon.

Thanks Andrea. You are always wonderful and listen to me too! Friends are amazing, huh? :)

Judy said...

Lauren - I've been thinking of you lots lately - hope you are doing okay. And you know, sometimes griping on a blog is the best place for it! It is okay!!!


Laura said...

I was wondering why you hadn't posted in awhile and was imagining you guys tanning at a lovely beach somewhere! I, too, have been a bit down lately and need to update my blog as well. Been doing a bit of soul searching myself.