Sunday, September 24, 2006

OMG! My Father said "Toe Cleavage"

My Dad on HSN!
Originally uploaded by How Bourgeois.

Thank you to those HB fans and friends who faithfully Tivo'ed my Dad and his shoes on HSN last week. Here is an AWESOME screen shot where my father says the words "toe cleavage" to the robotic HSN lady. It was to say in the least, surreal to see your Dad on the Home Shopping network late one night. The best part, he got to meet Frankie Avalon backstage. Frankie was selling his line of skin care products.

One more note. I just got an e-mail from Dutch, over @ Sweet Juniper. We completly forgot to give a big shout out to our new neighbors in the D. Check out Sweet Juniper for the story of their move from San Francisco to Detroit just like we made. The only difference, they drove east with their adorable little girl and we drove cross country with a cat and a guinea pig. Jon and I just got an e-mail from some friends out in SF of yesterday's LoveFest. It's times like these, when you see 60 year old, naked, tattooed men in pink furry handcuffs that you really gotta miss the place.


Bree said...

Oh God, I feel like such and idiot that I thought you said he'd be on at 11:00 in the morning! I am such a jerk! Did you tape it? Maybe I can watch it when I come over! That lady looks like an android! Scary! Is it called toe cleavage because cameltoe was already taken?

Judy said...

My MIL taped it for me, so I should get to see it sometime this weekend! That is sooooooo very cool that your dad was on TV like that, and that he got to meet Frankie Avalon!!! Whoot!

Kendra Lynn said...

It was great....he did say "toe cleavage" I remember that line. LOL
Okay, but now I want to meet your dad in person...he looked too stiff on tv, and I'm positive he's not that stiff in real life. :)
I love ya.